Slices from a stolen day

11454297503_e27946e4ff_hDSCN2873 (2)DSCN2871With the first week of school over and our own three children out of the nest, my husband and I headed to Old Orchard Beach, Maine. We hadn’t been in years, but Kurt had a hankering for some fried clams and beach time. I just wanted to steal a piece of the weekend for us, an “us” that all too frequently gets overwhelmed by school work, chores, errands, and my never-ending “to do” list.

Old Orchard Beach is a bit of Jersey beach in Maine. There’s a pay-as-you go amusement park, the beach is long and flat and crowded (by Maine standards), and the streets are filled with shops targeting tourists with T-shirts, salt-water taffy, and an assortment of fried foods from clams to pickles to Oreos. The air is redolent with the aromas of salt water, suntan lotion and edible grease–an unexpectedly tantalizing mix.DSCN2881

DSCN2888There was no one special moment to capture in this day. Instead it was a slow slide into moment after moment. We walked on the beach, enjoying the sight of young children dancing in the surf and building sand castles. We marveled at the array of colors in the waves and the overwhelming blue of the sky. We spread our tapestry on the warm golden sand and I briefly dozed, basking in the early September sun.  We waited in line for coffee and unashamedly eavesdropped on conversations around us. We people-watched, taking in the variety of body shapes, fashion statements, piercings, tattoos, and levels of modesty (or lack thereof). We talked. We laughed.  We held hands.  Utterly content to be in each moment, together, enjoying a stolen day.

6 thoughts on “Slices from a stolen day

  1. Sounds like a perfect day. Funny you called it a Jersey Beach. Having spent a large part of my life at the Jersey Shore, I always compare every other beach to our shoreline.


    • mbhmaine says:

      I remember Jersey beach visits fondly from my own childhood. A quintessential Maine beach, to me, has pine and rocks and limited beach –very different from a Jersey beach and from Old Orchard Beach.


  2. raeily says:

    It’s so weird to see pictures of beautiful blue skies and beaches when it’s all rain here. makes me long for touristy shops.

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  3. Carol says:

    I love this part of the world! So beautiful!

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  4. danrothermel says:

    A great reminder of what OOB can be. Thanks. As a Jersey boy, I spent many days at Beach Haven and Wildwood. Hannah and I returned to Beach Haven the spring after Hurricane Sandy. The building continued, but mainly we noticed the McMansions that have overwhelmed the island. Early mornings there are still the best.

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  5. Love this snapshot of your late summer day at the beach! I was on Block Island last weekend and had the same kind of day. Isn’t it wonderful to have a day to just “be”?


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