Trouble in Tree Town

It all began like a typical Saturday morning. The cat woke me early by repeatedly stepping on my head, and not too long afterward, I was trying to get ready to start writing report cards. Or trying to at least think about starting them. Really, I was! But then… Wait! What was that!? Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed … Trouble in Tree Town. With a capital T (or three)! (And to think I almost missed it!) Take a look!

Egads! Santa, taking a well-deserved break on the crescent moon, is in the direct line of fire from a rogue laser! What fiendish mind hatched this dastardly plot!? Is there no end to the outrageous perversities of 2020?

But wait! What’s that I see? Why it’s the cow (Maine version), a vaunted expert in moon topography, charging to the rescue. Will Santa survive? Will the day be saved? Stay tuned…

And check your trees everyone. In all likelihood, this is not the only foul plot afoot.

6 thoughts on “Trouble in Tree Town

  1. margaretsmn says:

    I jumped when you said there was trouble. I thought the cat had climbed the tree. That happened here a few times. Now she likes to wrestle with the tree skirt. I haven’t managed to get any gifts wrapped yet. Love your hilarious storytelling.

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  2. Mitchell Linda says:

    And I jumped in with a capital T or three….ha ha ha ha! Molly, your imagination and sense of fun for the win! I know that waiting pile of work feeling and I might just go sit with my cat for a bit and talk over shenanigans before I get to that work.

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  3. Got to have fun as a writer! I’m pulling for the cow, Mooo.

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