Today I am thankful.  Late on this Sunday morning, I sit surrounded by the flotsam and jetsam of a teacher’s life with report cards fast approaching.  The kettle on the wood stove hisses and simmers emitting a gentle flow of steam.  The windows frame a frosty scene of glistening icicles and snow-laden branches.  My three-legged geriatric cat, draped on the arm of the couch, leans against my back.  Before me rest a bowl of cranberry-studded oatmeal and a steaming cup of coffee. 

My two oldest children are home from college for break and my youngest, heading to college next year, isn’t yet at work.  I listen to the murmurs and stops and starts of their conversation in the adjacent room.  The harmonies of those varied tones warm me on this bitter cold winter’s day.  I try to push aside the stress of unfinished work and relax into this one small moment, banal yet profound. 

Yesterday I heard about the 12 year old daughter of a college acquaintance who has suffered a sudden and frightening lower extremity paralysis.   While I don’t know her, tears well as I read her parent’s blog.  I learn about her calm acceptance of repeated invasive and uncomfortable testing and I imagine her parents’ fear and pride as they watch their 12-year old face adversity with grace.  I imagine them trying to navigate this turn in their lives — this terrifying intimidating medical maze and I ache for them. 

With full awareness of my good fortune, I listen again to those murmuring voices of my children.  At this one small moment all is right with my world.   I am so thankful.

7 thoughts on “Thankful

  1. onathought says:

    It’s so hard to hear about terrible things happening to people. It does make one stop and think… and it gives the chance to really reflect on the things we are thankful for. Holding that family in the light.


  2. newtreemom says:

    “At this one small moment all is right with my world. I am thankful.” Such good words to remember. We need to take time to notice and write about simple joys like this.


  3. I loved reading your SOL! I can tell that you are at peace with where life is at that moment.

    We are also headed into report card time. I also struggle during this time to enjoy the little things and it certainly sounds like you took that time to enjoy the little things!


  4. jhaworthoy says:

    Welcome to the Sluce of Life! I related quickly with your post when you mentioned your cat. We lost our 22 year old kitty last year and finally broke down and adopted two adult kitties last week. Your writing was so descriptive that I felt I was sitting next to you.


  5. daywells says:

    You paint such a bittersweet picture here. I feel like I’m sitting there with you too. Your post reminds me to be grateful for each precious moment with my (also college age and almost college age) children. And to stop for a moment to notice the moments before they pass on by. Thank you!


  6. Mom says:

    My children are 29, 26, and 19. Just today they were all here, gathered around the table playing cards. Grateful for my kids, I took the time to just listen as they laughed and enjoyed each other.

    What a blessing motherhood is. Thank you for sharing your gratitude here.


  7. Phillips Sue says:

    Molly, when I’m with you or we’re talking on the phone, I forget your ability to put words together in such a heartfelt manner. Thank you for sharing this moment with me and others.


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