I am a motherless daughter

I am a motherless daughter,

blessed with daughters,


I navigated their early years

with a time-limited blueprint

truncating abruptly

at age 14,

when my own mother died.



Now with my two daughters

I am chartless,

No guide or mentor,

and yet rewarded

by the journey

by the joy

in small shared moments

and unexpected way-stations.


For in the growing bonds

we share

I feel at times

the phantom pain

of what I have never known.

And now I wonder

what blueprint are we crafting


in this unchartered territory,

Mother and daughters?

I am a motherless daughter

Blessed with daughters


6 thoughts on “I am a motherless daughter

  1. Colleen says:

    I love the way you arranged your words. That in itself spoke volumes. With my own mom unwell, they spoke to my heart.


  2. Mindi Rench says:

    Lovely. I, too, am a motherless daughter with two of my own. You poem resonated.


  3. Blessed with daughters

    (And they,
    blessed with you!)

    Wondering if you shared this with your daughters (are they old enough to understand?). Your vulnerability and joy are palpable!


  4. mgminer says:

    Tenderly brilliant.


  5. ptsuthers says:

    Lovely. I thought it was very effective to repeat the beginning lines at the end. I’m a motherless daughter, but have 2 sons. Not quite the same.


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