Loving the slicing life!

The benefits of slicing are already apparent to me.  Five days in, I find myself leading a more writerly life.  I’m viewing my world in a  different way, reflecting, concentrating on small moments, wondering which ones would make a good slice.   Knowing each day that I need to post makes me more present, more observant.

I love reading others’ slices and am inspired by what they post, but even more by the very act of their posting.  I am delighted to know that there is a wider community of people who value words and language and that they are willing to make a commitment to push themselves to write and post daily.  There is vulnerability in this act and there’s a leap of faith in sharing one’s writing with a wider, unknown community.

One of my slices this week was a poem about being a motherless daughter of two daughters.  After writing and posting this poem, I shared it with my daughters and also with my sisters.  Yesterday I was driving with my 17 year old and she commented, “I’ve been thinking a lot about your poem.”  That poem and those words opened the door to a conversation about love and grief and how they can intertwine and that something that is a blessing can also resonate with a loss.  That conversation would not have happened if I hadn’t been participating in this writing adventure.  It has inspired me to take risks by sharing parts of myself that I usually keep private. 

I am thankful for the opportunity to participate, for those who moderate this challenge and for those who take the time to comment on my posts.  I’m determined to keep on posting, but even if I don’t, I’ve already gained so much from this experience.

4 thoughts on “Loving the slicing life!

  1. agurney2015 says:

    I can identify with your story as you connect to your daughter’s through your writing. Normally, for a weekly blog post, I find my own time to craft it, but writing daily has brought my husband into expecting the time that I’ll be writing. He has even inquired about some of my topics. I hope that your writing continues to open doors for you.


  2. I agree that this experience has been a wonderful opportunity to be more aware and observant of our daily lives as we think about that “slice” we might offer in our writing. I also love photography, and I’ve participated in some challenges that required me to take a photograph a day (or to photograph a specific theme, etc.). It really forced me to slow down and appreciate my surroundings in a way I hadn’t before – to make me “see” with a photographer’s eye and attention to framing, angle, light, etc. This is the first time I have done the Slice of Life challenge, and I’m finding it just as rewarding and eye-opening!


  3. elsie says:

    By writing every day you have to really look and observe the life around you, or travel back into your past to find a post. It is something that gets into your head and changes the way you view ordinary events. Then there’s the conversation that you can have with the readers of your words. It’s amazing what you learn about each person. It’s an awesome experience!


    • elsie says:

      By the way, I believe there may be a mac and cheese post happening later this month. I must say, the mac and cheese might just win over grilled cheese. 🙂


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