At the flower show

11454297503_e27946e4ff_h(Day 8 of the March challenge)

“Mmmmm!  It smells so good!”  we said simultaneously as we entered.  We breathed deeply, inhaling the rich earthy smell of mulch and the heady aroma of the blossoming plants that surrounded us.

“I’m so glad we came!” I said. 

“Oh, this is cool.” said L, and A nodded in agreement. 

We ambled through the show enjoying the colors, smells and creative landscaping. “Oh, look at that!”  “That’s so cute!”  “Maybe we could build a brick patio like that.”  “Don’t you wish we had a hot tub?”  “What’s that plant?”  “Oh, this one is definitely my favorite.”  “What smells so good?”

It was a lovely respite during a harsh winter.  A taste of spring.  Just a casual meandering, enjoying the sights, the smells and being with each other.  No rush, no jostling crowds.  Simply a feast for the senses and for our winter-weary beings.  Rejuvenating. 

Outdoors, despite some blue patches of sky, the scenery was still very white and cold.  “Look at the snow on that roof,” A said.  We eyed the sheet of snow cantilevered over the edge of a nearby roof with some trepidation then stepped a bit further away, as sodden white piles below testified to an impending avalanche.  The trickle and drip of water rivuletting off other roofs filled the air.  The parking lot was rutted and muddy, filled with puddles of water—not ice.  There were, in fact, signs of spring about if you looked carefully enough. 

My daughters, almost 20 and 17, suddenly burst into motion.  They ran through the wet pocked parking lot yelling, “Shotgun!” with arms flailing and legs pumping as they vied to reach the car first and obtain the coveted front seat for the ride home.  No dignity but such vibrancy!  I smiled and crossed the lot a bit more sedately, watching them and loving every moment.  

5 thoughts on “At the flower show

  1. danrothermel says:

    Your streak of daily writing is impressive. I look forward to the Nix the Comfort Zone in my gmail account. There is a bigger audience that will connect with your writing. So real and so accessible.


  2. gill94 says:

    I loved our account of this mini-retreat with your daughters!


  3. gill94 says:

    Sorry, I meant to write – your account. 🙂


  4. I’m so glad you had a great day with your daughters!


  5. Phillips Sue says:

    Danrothermel is right: your writing is so real and so accessible. I felt like I was walking across the parking lot with you and loving your writing as it describes your life and family. I marvel at your vocabulary and ease with words like “cantilevered” and “trepidation” and others. The words come so easily to your writing and are perfectly in place. I wish you’d do this more months so my enjoyment of you can continue.


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