Anticipating Spring


Tonight,  I raced from school to Portland to participate in a writing group/class.  Our focus this evening was on word choice.  I wrote the following poem responding to a prompt to write something related to celebrating life.

By the way, for some reason I can’t get the spacing right on this blog, so my stanzas won’t stay separate!  Grrrr!  That’s a problem to address on an evening when I have a bit more energy. For now,  as we say in my class, in lieu of apologizing for a roughly crafted piece, “I just wrote this.”  (In other words there’s still work to be done, but not if I’m going to meet the posting deadline tonight!)

On a blustery March day
She shrugs off the snow
Liberating her limbs
From the cold heavy burden
Stretching them toward the sky
The nearing sun warms her
Energizes her
Spring is coming.

On a drizzly day in April
She stands
Ghostly in the mist
A solitary sentinel
Feeling the rain trickle slowly
down her sides
Into the moist earth below
A long cool drink
of nourishing water
Spring is coming.

On a windy evening in May
Her branches tremble
In the crepuscular light
Softly shaking in the warm breeze
Buds emerging
Forming a halo of green
A verdant promise
Spring is coming.

June arrives
Buds swell and open
Small furled leaves appear
Fetal at first
Then full-fledged
Small serrated sails
in a blossom-scented breeze
They lift and sway
Casting shifting shadows below
Spring is here.

2 thoughts on “Anticipating Spring

  1. BSoltero says:

    You painted such a vivid picture in my head! I am soooooo excited about spring! Great poem!


  2. This inspires me to seek out a writing group. 🙂 This personification works so well. I like the way it evolves over time and how your use of repetition (Spring is coming.) builds anticipation.


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