The Transformative Powers of Soup

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It’s March 15th and it’s snowing.  I live in Maine and that just happens here.  I usually don’t mind snow in March and April because I know it’s ephemeral in nature.  However, this year, with feet of snow still waiting to melt, this snow seems like it’s adding insult to injury.  To top that off, it’s an indecisive snowfall—the flakes float and whirl, up, down, and around.  They’re not even doing anything!  I know—I’m contradicting myself here.  I really don’t want snow, but if it’s going to snow, it might as well snow, dang it! 

So, in a move to mitigate my snow-induced irritation, I head to the kitchen to make soup.  There’s nothing better than a pot of hot soup simmering on the stove on a snowy(-ish) day.  Today’s soup du jour will be Carrot Ginger.  This time, in a burst of daring,  I’m throwing a few parsnips in as well.  Take that,  Snow!  As I peel, slice, grate and chop, a pile of sliced carrot, onion and parsnip, vibrant orange and sunny white, grows on my scarred wooden cutting board.  I feel a bit better already.


Within half an hour, the aroma of simmering soup fills the house— Lots of onion with sweet overtones of carrots and parsnips, spicy ginger, and a nuance of fresh orange.  Inhaling that tempting, nutritious medley, I feel my mood slip into a gentler, happier place.


For the finishing touch, I puree the soup —softened vegetable chunks swirl into the broth in a delicious alchemy, transforming into a velvety amber elixir. 


Outside, the accumulated snow remains and those directionless snowflakes are still present.  Inside, I ladle a few spoonfuls of soup into the bowl and scatter a few pieces of scallion atop it all.  Ahhhh!  Soup’s on at my house. 


7 thoughts on “The Transformative Powers of Soup

  1. Soup on a snowy day. Comfort food at its best, especially when its homemade. Looks delicious.


  2. Lisa says:

    That looks yummy! I only make soup when it is cold, so we’ll be finished with soup season here soon.


  3. Samantha Marquardt says:

    I love your word choice…”an indecisive snowfall”…”a burst of daring”…”adding insult to injury”…your writing creates such beautiful images in my mind…and makes me want some of your soup. 🙂


  4. danrothermel says:

    Soup is just what’s needed on a snowy day. Love the pictures with the text. Light snow in York for four hours and nothing is sticking to the pavement. Do you know you can put your pictures to the side of your text like I do on my WordPress blog?


  5. mbhmaine says:

    I am still learning the nuances of wordpress. I’ll have to look into how to best include pictures. Thanks for the tip–I love the way your blog looks and I’ll check out how I can do this. I think I just finished changing my comments setting so people don’t have to enter their e-mail,etc. every time. Baby steps…


  6. WW Erin says:

    Sounds delicious and comforting. I wish you were here to make me some soup! This made me think of my father too because he has a passion for soup that I don’t find in very many people. Loved the phrase “directionless snowflakes” too… creates the image and the motion in one.


  7. Phillips Sue says:

    Thanks for taking the “baby steps” so I can comment without doing all that identity stuff. Love your word choices. I used “stuff” and wonder what you would use. Love the pictures with the words!


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