Before that…


I liked the suggested format for this morning…Before that… So I’m going to try it out!

Just sat down with a nice glass of Malbec

Before that, picked my daughter up from work

Before that, working on report cards–late night at school
Before that, ate half a large cheese pizza to fuel myself for a long night’s work and compensate for a long, long day.  Loved every delicious, guilty bite!
Before that, got my loaner computer from our tech guy
Before that, K-2 assembly
Before that, math fact family butterflies
Before that, chased down the tech guy for a loaner computer
Before that, worked through lunch–gulped down carrot ginger soup at my desk
Before that, math assessment
Before that, poetry into notebooks and reading
Before that, productive discourse conversation
Before that, word work assessment
Before that, early morning classroom routine–kids arrive, smiling and full of energy–I’m not.
Before that, almost dropped the f-bomb–changed it mid-stream to a loud Fudge!
Right Before that, spilled coffee all over my open laptop
Before that, finally arrived at school, relieved, thankful, and a bit stressed
Before that, learned where coolant goes in my car (Note to self:  If in the future heat is not working properly in car, check coolant levels!)
Before that, my knight in shining armor arrived in his Toyota steed
Before that, pulled over when the car overheated
Before that, non-fat half-caff. 2 pump peppermint latte-Friday indulgence!
Before that, read some slices, vowed to accentuate the positive today!
Before that, showered and coffee-ed
Before that, noticed that the thermometer read 7 degrees. Looked again. Growled at the thermometer.
Before that, pet my three legged cat after she stuck her wet nose in my face.  Fed her as well.
Before that, the alarm woke me from a sound sleep.  Morning already?

Yes, it was quite a day!

5 thoughts on “Before that…

  1. Lori says:

    Very Busy day! Loved the format. Oh, I couldn’t get your link to work.


    • mbhmaine says:

      Lori–Thanks for commenting and for the info about the link. I reposted it and hopefully it’s all fixed now. Really, I think that’s just par for the course today!


  2. danrothermel says:

    I, too, loved the format of this poem. Your many styles are inspirations to other poets.


    • mbhmaine says:

      Thanks, Dan. I got the idea from the morning prompt, so I can take no credit! It was interesting to try to unroll my day back to such a stressful beginning!


  3. Susanne says:

    What a day! Sounds similar to many days in my classroom, especially the half pizza :). Happy weekend!


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