A is for Absent


What was I thinking?  I’ve hopped straight from one writing challenge into another.  During conference week!  I should know better, but I was enjoying the Slice of Life Challenge so much that I got carried away and in a burst of enthusiasm signed up.   I’m also supposed to figure out how to put the above badge in my sidebar and link back to the hosting blog. Way too complex for me right now. (Thinking in complete sentences is way too complex for me tonight!)   I’ll just put that item on my growing to-do-as-soon-as-possible-after-conferences list.

The reality is that two twelve-hour plus days during conference week following a March writing challenge have drained the creativity pot. I can muster a bit of physical energy to actually sit in front of the computer, but the mental energy is just not available. So, for tonight, with my apologies, mark me present in body, but absent in spirit.

2 thoughts on “A is for Absent

  1. danrothermel says:

    Such good news we have another month of daily MBH. I was not up for going cold turkey with still a foot of snow everywhere in our yard.

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