Day 3 Found Object Challenge: Mystery Orbs

2013-06-13-15.12.25-169x300.jpgWhat are these things? This third photo prompt for Linda Shovan‘s February challenge certainly challenged me. I looked at it again and again trying to get some sense of context. Are these grapes? Marbles? Insect eggs? Beads? What are they resting on? How can that reflection be so deep and clear? I floundered, finding it hard to move forward without knowing more. In the end I simply had to push myself to just start writing–a good lesson, that!  I started and stopped and moved in so many directions with my response. At one point, I even tried to channel some Robert Frost:

What orbs these are, I do not know
reflections lurking dark below
in clusters of uncertain sprawl
They pulse with silken greenish glow.

I tucked that stanza and the rest of that effort away for some future fiddling. That form doesn’t lend itself to quick drafting and publishing!  In the end I opted to focus on the mystery of the objects and my desire for some sensory exploration. Here’s my effort.

Mystery Orbs
I itch to pick one up
squish it with a POP
and see what oozes out,
feel the dripping liquid
sticky on my pinching fingers.
I yearn to bite
and sink my teeth
into pale, silken green
to discover
if they are as juicy
as they look,
sugar-sweet like candy
or tongue-zapping,
puckering sour.
God forbid they’re bacteria!


Does anyone know what these are? Share any thoughts in the comments below. I can’t wait until Laura Shovan reveals the context of this photo later today!

2 thoughts on “Day 3 Found Object Challenge: Mystery Orbs

  1. Miss Sue says:

    Could they be part of a painting? Or a photograph? Or must the object be something one could pick up? “…tongue-zapping, puckering sour…” My favorite lines. Love your writing and especially the way you share yourself being a writer.


  2. mbhmaine says:

    They could be anything, Sue. I’ll let you know on Saturday!


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