Recipe for Early Morning Relaxation


Recipe for  relaxation, Puerto Rican Style


First, preheat your day to approximately 83 degrees Fahrenheit.

Next, prepare your soundtrack. Take a large scoop of waves crashing on the shore. Hear the swoosh and hiss as they roll in and pull away. Add in an occasional rustle of palm in the stiff breeze and a dash of some exotic bird call. If you’d like, you can add a spattering of quiet Spanish in the background.

Now, for the visuals. Carefully look around. Watch the breakers rolling in to shore. Overhead pelicans are circling, periodically diving into the water with a dramatic splash. One or two  of them stop to perch on old pilings. They shake their feathers and preen, highlighted by the rising sun, which glints off the turquoise waters. One gecko darts across the pathway while another meanders under a multi-colored hammock strung between palm trees.

Finally, breathe in the warm salty air. Feel the breeze caress your bare arms. Let the moment sink deep into your bones. Enjoy.

Note–My husband and I are in Puerto Rico for a week-long vacation–our first without children in 22 years.   This was a quickly written slice and I can’t figure out how to get my photos into it.  Ah well–instead of battling technology, I chose to relax and explore. I’ll check back and comment on other posts a bit later.

8 thoughts on “Recipe for Early Morning Relaxation

  1. lgrizzo says:

    I loved visiting Puerto Rico. I had friends who couldn’t believe I would go there, but it was wonderful. Enjoy your vacation!

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  2. Glenda says:

    Your slice makes me more anxious for my trip to Hawaii next month, and you’ve given me the idea of writing poems using patterns while I’m there. It’s not easy to slice while in paradise. Enjoy your trip!

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    • mbhmaine says:

      Somehow discipline (aka regular writing) and tropical weather don’t combine well for me. I hope you have a wonderful trip to Hawaii! Can’t wait to read some of your tropical paradise slices when I’m back in Maine battling snow and ice!


  3. Anonymous says:

    Very clever. Enjoy the warmth. After-11 Saturday morning, 49F on the coast of Maine this Tuesday!! We love us some Maine.

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  4. elsie says:

    Just reading this allowed me a five minute vacation. Sounds blissful! Enjoy!

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  5. Amy says:

    Love the simplicity of this slice and the island images, and to hear your giving way to relaxation vs worry over pictures for the slice.

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  6. Amy says:

    What a fun post! I loathe cooking, but this is one recipe I would try. Enjoy your stay!

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  7. This is a fantastic piece! I am going to have to use the “recipe” idea for March SOL!! Thank you for the inspiration! Sounds like a beautiful vacation!!

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