A Constellation of Keys

This month I’ve been participating (occasionally!) in Laura Shovan’s Found Object Poem Project. Although I haven’t participated in a while, I’m jumping back into the mix with this photo, for Day 25:


A Constellation of Keys
Common key cards
have no romance,
slipping into a pocket
without a wrinkle,
silent and disposable.

Carved metal keys
have character
and reassuring heft.
They clink happily
in a pocket,
socializing with spare change,
or if you please,
they sit in hand,
guaranteeing imminent access
or denying the same.

Patiently waiting on hooks,
a constellation of keys
has purpose,
power and potential,
silently offering up
an array of possibilities.


One thought on “A Constellation of Keys

  1. cindaroo42 says:

    I love the idea that keys are “socializing” with spare change, and the idea that keys can also deny you
    Perfect ending with the array pun


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