Avian Dance


March SOLC–Day 26

This morning I woke later than usual and walked through the house without flicking on light switches. The world outside was already illuminated and bird song trilled in chilly air. Most mornings these are things I’m anticipating. Walking into the kitchen I looked out and saw the birds already feasting at the feeders, feathers flashing as they moved about. Usually I think of bird watching as similar to viewing fish in an aquarium. This morning I saw a choreographed dance.

Avian Dance

Blue jay swoops in low
And downy woodpecker leaps
to a nearby branch
alert and poised.
With a flash of white
juncos launch into flight
exiting stage left, while
red-breasted robins,
fat as friars,
hop in time on the lawn
Song Sparrows flutter and perch
flutter and perch
And with a flash
of crimson feathers,
cardinal makes his entrance
upstaging the others
with a splashy aerial show.


9 thoughts on “Avian Dance

  1. Your poem captured the dance. I could almost see the aerial show.

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  2. Pat says:

    Your poem documents a raucous display of bird behaviors. Love it!

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  3. elsie says:

    So many birds coming to your feeder! What a show! Love the “fat as friars” robins. Of course, cardinals are the brightest. Great poem from the feeder today.

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  4. Amy says:

    You always so eloquently dance your words in and out of your piece. I often hear and see a menagerie of wildlife in our backyard but I just haven’t been able to capture those sights and sounds into a written format yet. Thanks for inspiring!

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  5. Melanie Roy says:

    You make me want to get a bird feeder so that we can enjoy scenes like this too!

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  6. Dana Murphy says:

    Love this! I completely felt like I was watching The Play of Birds or something. Well done!

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  7. alwriting says:

    Movement and colour captured from the sidelines. A keen observation Molly using your best in tight spaces to create sparks- the essence of great poetry..Bird ballet!


  8. Molly, there are so many beautiful lines in this poem, I can’t decide which I love more. Those robins, “fat as friars,” is perfect, but I also love that cardinal! Bravo!


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