Decoding disappointment

11454297503_e27946e4ff_hIt was snack time. Every day X has a Slim Jim. Every day he announces the flavor with great fanfare. On this particular day X pulled the Slim Jim from his lunchbox, looked at it, looked at it again, then held it aloft.
“Oh!” he announced with great enthusiasm,  “It’s a new flavor!  I’ve never had this one!” He paused and then said slowly and dramatically, “I can’t even read what it’s called!”
A friend rushed over, “I’ll help.” They bent their heads together trying to decipher the small print of the unknown word.
Curious, I approached, and the boys handed it to me.
“What does it say? What does it say?” they asked.
I looked, smiled, and then said, “Oh, I’m sure you can figure this out.” I wrote the letters of the unknown flavor in larger letters on the board. “Come on, give it a try.”

They stumbled through for a moment, trying a few possibilities, and then X called out, “Original! It says Original!” He danced about in place, triumphantly waving his Slim Jim in the air, chanting, “Original! Original!”

Then suddenly, he stopped, “Wait a minute… ”
His smile faded. His face fell.
“That means it’s just regular!”

Sometimes it’s better to just preserve the mystery.



7 thoughts on “Decoding disappointment

  1. Amy says:

    I have to admit that I’m happy to hear that the disappointment was in X’s reaction to the flavor of his Slim Jim. As I was reading your slice I was thinking perhaps X wasn’t going to decode his mystery word. Here’s to hoping that X has a more enjoyable flavor today!

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  2. dianeandlynne says:

    Love X’s reaction to “original.”
    Thanks for the peek into your classroom.

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  3. cindaroo42 says:

    hahaha this is a great teachable moment but it is also hilarious!

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  4. Melanie Roy says:

    This is such a sweet moment! I like that you didn’t just tell him but had the kids work for the answer. I hope he enjoyed the original flavor!

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