Through the Open Window



Through the Open Window

Through the open window
I watch him,
with his soft, tawny fur,
and long ears limned
in dawn’s light.
He hops forward,
pausing on the dew-laden lawn,
poised on his haunches.
His nose twitches,
ears flicker
His gaze meets mine.

A recent visitor,
initially unexpected
(for rabbits, or hares,
are rarities here),
I now anticipate his arrival.
He comes early
most days,
touring the gardens
and no one else sees him,
for we are both
creatures of morning
with an affinity for soft light
and tranquility.

Today we regard each other
for a long moment
in the flush promise
of a spring morning,
greeting the day
through the open window.

Molly Hogan (c) 2016

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12 thoughts on “Through the Open Window

  1. cvarsalona says:

    Molly, the end of this poem is as if the creature and you are one in thought. I like the way you wove this tale.

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  2. katswhiskers says:

    Haha. Methinks you don’t have a vegie garden – or if you do, you are very confident of its fortifications. Enjoy your little morning visitor and quietude.

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    • mbhmaine says:

      I’ve lived in Maine for more than 21 years and this is the first rabbit that’s ever visited our home–I had to be welcoming! (Though I did start thinking about fencing…)


  3. I’m with Kat. He hasn’t eaten your baby kale grown under a sunlamp.

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  4. Amy says:

    Oh my! What a great photo you captured of this big guy! Since I’m that “crazy rabbit lady” I enjoyed your poem. I’m glad the two of you can spend some time together. I was a bit worried he wouldn’t be a welcomed visitor.

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  5. Sally Murphy says:

    Love both poem and photo, Molly. What a wonderful connection you share 🙂

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  6. maryleehahn says:

    I love “limned” and “haunches” and “the flush promise / of a spring morning.”

    Thanks for sharing your quiet time with us!

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  7. jama says:

    I love rabbits! What a delightful poem and photo. Love the flush promise of a spring morning.

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  8. How lovely. I especially resonate with this part:
    “for we are both
    creatures of morning
    with an affinity for soft light
    and tranquility.”

    And you taught me a new word “limned.” It’s perfect in your poem. (I startled when I came here and saw the photo of the rabbit. We too saw rabbits on our walk this morning, I took a video of two of them playing, and have spent a few minutes this a.m. trying to figure out how to manipulate it with iMovie. Your rabbit looks so like ours, they could be family!)

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  9. First, I love bunnies. I always get excited when I see one. It is usually so quick because they bold off. Second, I love your poem. I think it is amazing that you were able to share and to capture that moment with one.

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