Odds and ends

11454297503_e27946e4ff_hOne of my biggest reasons for hesitating to move up to teach 4th grade was the realization that I’d have to clean out my classroom. (Those who know me and have seen my classroom can vouch for the legitimacy of this concern!) I’ve now spent approximately 10 hours sorting through files, stacks of books, materials, etc. I have hours to go as I haven’t even touched my storage area yet!  I’m slightly horrified by the amount of paper I’ve discarded in the recycling bin. Not to mention the material resources wasted (Oh, I’m so sorry, trees!), each paper held creative energy, thought or intention–now tossed with less and less hesitation into the trash!

While looking through some old files, I found a poem I’d written for my class years ago. (I believe I was channeling Dr. Seuss at the time.) Since cleaning time has cut into slicing time, I thought I’d share this “found” poem today. It needs a bit more tinkering, but needs must!

The Shoe-Stealing Glizard

The Shoe-Stealing Glizard is a rare one to see
He sneaks about sneakily, trying to be
as quiet as snowflakes as he creeps ’round the town
searching for footwear without making a sound.
He takes red shoes and blue ones and big ones and small.
The size doesn’t matter, not one bit at all.
He assembles them into a towering stack
Then plops each in his maw– a leathery snack.
He loves every morsel: the sole, tongue and laces
guzzling them greedily, leaving no traces.
Is your wet sneaker stinky and dripping with gunk?
To him, that’s a treat, a delicious Ker-plunk!
Into milk he will dip it and then with a slurp
He’ll gobble it up with a boisterous burp.
If you’ve looked high and low for your shoe or its mate
And they’re not to be found–it might be too late.
It could be the case, I’m most sorry to say,
that the Shoe-Stealing Glizard has headed your way.

Molly Hogan (c)2016

And then here’s a more recent treasure that I couldn’t resist sharing–this heart-warming card from a student. (Please note my fabulous earrings!) I will certainly miss teaching first grade!

card (1)


9 thoughts on “Odds and ends

  1. Amy says:

    Well, the card from your treasured student certainly is priceless. Not only do I love the earrings, but the P.S. is fantastic! And, if I’m missing any shoes or a shoe, I’ll be thinking of that shoe-stealing glizard. Fourth grade will be awesome even if the moving seems overwhelming at the moment. You got this!

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  2. Loved the poem and that card is hearwarming! Dr. Seuss is one of my all time favorites. We share the same birthday! 🙂

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  3. Dana!!!! says:

    I hope you saved those earrings for Lydia at least! Very sweet post.

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  4. Leigh Anne says:

    Yes, your poem does have the feel of Dr. Seuss! I love it. I have a drawer for cards like that. I have moved them from one building to another. Some things just can’t get tossed! I had to laugh at the stack of papers with good intentions and creative energy attached! I have been there on that one! Good luck with the move – I know it is not easy.

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  5. Linda Baie says:

    Love the poem & the card, & I do understand about the cleaning. The best, & worst, thing I ever had to do was move to the next-door classroom. I “had” to clean, but not too many years later I moved into just an office as a coach, so that early cleaning did help. Best of luck, Molly!

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    • mbhmaine says:

      Thanks, Linda! I’m making steady progress but took two days off for a trip to the beach. I’m determined to finish it all off tomorrow–no matter how long it takes me!


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