This summer and fall the chipmunks have been cavorting in the gardens around our house. They seem to have minimal fear of us or even of our two geriatric cats. We’ve had great fun watching them gorge on sunflower seeds, pose for pictures, linger in the sun, and generally enjoy the high life–or at least as high of a life as a chipmunk can enjoy.  This poem, by Robert Gibb, appeared in my Inbox today, courtesy of the Poetry Foundation’s Poem of the Day.

For The Chipmunk In My Yard

I think he knows I’m alive, having come down
The three steps of the back porch
And given me a good once over. All afternoon
He’s been moving back and forth,
Gathering odd bits of walnut shells and twigs…
(click here to read the rest of the poem)



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9 thoughts on “Chipmunks

  1. jama says:

    Wonderful poem and perfect timing since I’ve been seeing a chipmunk hanging around our front yard this week. They’re awfully cute, but can be destructive with their munching . . . 🙂

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  2. murphpoet says:

    Oh I’ve always wanted to see a chipmunk! Love the poem and the photos, too.

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  3. What a great poem! Thanks for sharing it, Molly. The opening especially grabbed me, “I think he knows I’m alive…”— perhaps humans would be better off on the whole if they were more concerned with being recognized by a chipmunk!

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  4. I love chipmunks!! We get them in the forest beside my apartment building, and I love their chirps and squeaks, they’re such little chatterboxes!

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  5. Amy Warntz says:

    We have a chipmunk(s) in our backyard and I absolutely adore him. I’m pretty sure he lives under our garage so when it caves in I’ll know why. Regardless, he’s a cute little thing. Thanks for celebrating the chipmunk.

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