Embrace Your Inner Cookie

When I get a chance I like to participate in author Laura Purdie Salas’s weekly 15 words or less Poem Challenge. Each Thursday she posts a photo prompt (guidelines here) and an original poem. She invites others to write a 15 words or less poem in response to the photo. She considers it a “first draft exercise” and, as she says, it’s a “low pressure way to wake up your poetry brain.”  Participating this week was a real upper for me in a downer of a week. It was also a reminder that I can carve out time to write and, even if it’s only a 5-10 minute endeavor, I feel better for having done so.

Her photo prompt on Thursday was this:cookie-monster

Photo credit: Laura P. Salas

In case you can’t tell, Laura explained it was a photo of a cupcake decorated with Cookie Monster eating a cookie. Fun!  I mean who doesn’t love Cookie Monster?! You can read Laura’s poem here along with other contributors. I find it fascinating to read the variety of responses and to see how differently people are inspired by the same photo prompt.

Here is my contribution:

Lessons from Cookie Monster

Dive in with gusto
no regrets
Spray crumbs
Smile blue toothy grins
Embrace your inner cookie!

Molly Hogan (c) 2016

One thought on “Embrace Your Inner Cookie

  1. Love it! Magic how less is more!

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