Winter wonder

11454297503_e27946e4ff_h“I’m going on a walk,” I called to my husband yesterday. He nodded back, engrossed in a telephone conversation, and I headed out the door. The sun lit the brilliant blue sky and the mercury hung just below 40 degrees. It was a beautiful day and after a day of driving on Sunday, I was ready for a bit of exercise.

I had no real route in mind, just a desire to stretch my legs and maybe take a few photographs. As I walked down our road, I settled into myself, recalibrating, tuning into the sights and sounds. I listened to the papery rustle of bleached leaves stubbornly clinging to a small tree, and to the faint musical tones of a far-off wind chime. My eyes followed a flash of movement to spot a red-bellied woodpecker high in a maple tree. The breeze kicked up a bit and I tucked my hands deeper in my pockets and dipped my chin into my soft scarf. Hmmm, maybe 38 degrees isn’t as warm as I thought it was.



Picking up the pace, I headed down a local road that dips to cross a small stream. I stopped to listen to the enchanting gurgling of water flowing under and around ice. Looking down at the stream, the variety of icy formations along its length intrigued me. I stepped off the road and crunched through the snow-covered ground amidst the trees, edging carefully closer to the water, wanting to take a few pictures.


Deer tracks–I was clearly not the first visitor to this spot!

Then, as I neared the stream’s edge, I paused, rapt. Oh, my! I’d never seen anything like it. I stepped closer still. Between the moving water and the ice, some magical confluence of time, water and temperature had created swirled icy sculptures–stalactites of a sort. They looked poised to move, icy tops frozen in winter’s embrace. Simply, utterly beautiful. With the water babbling about me, I stared, watching the current swirl and flow about them and the light flicker and move through their depths. I wondered idly what process had formed them and tried to identify the border where ice ended and water began, but mostly I just marveled at them. I lingered for some time, ignoring the chill, thankful to be exactly where I was in the presence of such unexpected wonder. A gift from winter.dscn8617


15 thoughts on “Winter wonder

  1. Alice Nine says:

    Love your words, “As I walked down our road, I settled into myself, recalibrating, tuning into the sights and sounds” and your well-crafted description. But a thousand words could not describe the beauty in your last two pictures. What an incredible discovery– “a gift from winter” — such speechless beauty!

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  2. I have never seen such ice creations. Thanks for reporting from the world nature that many of us never see.

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  3. Oh, my! Love these. Have you seen Once Upon Ice, a fabulous poetry anthology collected by Jane Yolen of poems written to ice photos by her son, Jason Stemple? It’s one of my favorites…both the poems and images.

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  4. lindabaie says:

    These sculptures are amazing, Molly. I’m glad you went walking and discovered them and all the treasure you shared!

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  5. ntuckerbarnes5 says:

    Absolutely gorgeousphotos! Clear as ice! Must take my camera on walks with me. I have a little one that I might be able tocarry! Fabulous Molly dear, Sue’s friend Nancy B

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  6. Amy Warntz says:

    Molly, this is a lovely slice from your afternoon walk. I’m wondering if your husband felt left out. Anyway, I walked along with you as I read and took in the scenery. It was delightful indeed. I’ll be using this post as a mentor text with my Passion Project Writers, for your passion was clearly reflected in your eloquent words and captured with your photographs.

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  7. Adrienne says:

    We have had an unusual snowy week in Portland, OR. So many people are out, enjoying the sunshiney snow days. Thanks for sharing your walk.

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  8. see there is the beauty of winter- right there in that last picture.

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  9. Ramona says:

    Unexpected wonder indeed! Thanks for sharing your wintry walk with us.


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