Love Letter


I’m a fan of neatly made beds. My husband is not. Well, to be more accurate, he doesn’t mind a freshly made bed, but he doesn’t see the point in expending the effort involved in making it, only to mess it up shortly thereafter. Since he is almost always the last to leave our bed, it generally remains unmade. Somehow I can’t manage to generate much bed-making enthusiasm after work, so I suffer through twisted sheets and crooked comforters on a regular basis.

Then last week, this happened…

Love Letter

After I left for work,
but before leaving on his journey,
my husband straightened the tousled sheets
He pulled up the cozy blanket–
the one that shoots sparks between us
on cold, dry winter nights–
and plumped the pillows into a neat row
then drew the downy comforter
smoothly over the top
so that when I came home in the early evening
to an empty house
and eventually headed to the bedroom,
ready to sleep after a long day’s work,
I found our bed,
straightened by his touch,
waiting for me.

Sometimes a made bed is a love letter.

Molly Hogan (c) 2017

21 thoughts on “Love Letter

  1. Yup, it’s all those little/big things! He knows you and loves you!

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  2. dogtrax says:

    What a wonderful gift — the made bed as love letter …

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  3. pugluv50 says:

    It’s the little things. My husband dropped by my classroom Friday with a Starbucks. This is my 29th year teaching and it was the first time he dropped off a coffee.

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  4. Kimberley says:

    Love letter of the made bed speaks to me and to how I want to see those little touches as love pats throughout my day.

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  5. Delightful snippet to start my day.

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  6. Adrienne says:

    ow. What a beautiful gesture. And I love the poem that commemorates it. I hope you shared the poem with him.

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  7. Oh, I love this, Molly! The idea of a made bed being a love letter. (Or anything that one person in the relationship doesn’t want to do, but does, out of love.) It’s such a perfect metaphor!

    I’d love to feature this in the “Be Inspired” section of the SOLSC in March. If that’d be okay, please email me today or tomorrow (and include the permalink to this post) to let me know if that’d be okay.


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  8. lindabaie says:

    Indeed it is the best love letter, to know what you love and give it to you. Happy Valentine’s Day, Molly. Your poem is very special!

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  9. Tara Smith says:

    The perfect Valentine’s Day post – a gift of love, for sure.

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  10. terierrol says:

    Your post made me smile – I too love those unexpected loving gestures. Thanks for reminding me of them.

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  11. What a beautiful poem. I love your phrasing, the sparks between the two of you and that last line. Great one.

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  12. […] like to do). A slice of life story can be in poetic form. Check out Molly’s “Love Letter” and then try writing a poem […]


  13. bjdonaldson says:

    The last line is my favorite, “Sometimes a made bed is a love letter.” Brilliant!

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  14. Molly,

    Nice poem.

    Do you think not making a bed is a boy/man thing? Our son also does not see value in making bed everyday.

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    • mbhmaine says:

      I’m not sure that it’s a gender thing. I only began to value making my bed now that I’m older. In my earlier years I was a firm believer in airing out the sheets! lol There’s actually some solid evidence for doing the latter–which I wrote about in another poem
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


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