Morning Fills Me


Morning is the closest time I come to prayer and the time when thanksgiving and celebration seem to rise from me of their own volition.


Morning Song

Oh, how morning fills me!

When the sun trembles
poised on the cusp of day
and the luminescent glow
brims beyond the horizon
then overflows
spilling dawn across the landscape
my cells bend and sway
toward nascent light
and on some blessed mornings
words swell from slumber
to spill onto the page
ink seeping into fiber
coursing through interwoven grains
threading upward
like light spreading at sunrise
as the day dawns
aglow with promise
and possibility.

Oh, how morning fills me!

Molly Hogan (c) 2016

This week’s Poetry Friday Roundup is hosted by Karen Edmiston. Click here to visit her blog and to access links to other poems.


20 thoughts on “Morning Fills Me

  1. Your poetry brings light to our California morning. Gracias.

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  2. jama says:

    Just beautiful!

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  3. Oh, you almost make me want to rise early enough in the day that I can soak in the wonders of a cresting sunrise, too! Almost… 😉

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  4. bjleepoet says:

    love your aubade!

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  5. Violet N. says:

    Simply beautiful. Love the picture of ink that spreads like the sun’s new rays.

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  6. katswhiskers says:

    I’m a night owl, and have rarely experienced this poetic adoration – but I can appreciate it! Particularly ‘spilling dawn across the landscape’. Plump with poetry goodness.

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  7. lindabaie says:

    Just gorgeous, Molly, that special time you honor. Love “words swell from slumber/to spill onto the page”, and your exceptional picture.

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  8. Laura Shovan says:

    “my cells bend and sway
    toward nascent light”
    Lovely. I’m a morning person too — this speaks to me.

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  9. Dawn spilling over the landscape….so beautiful and true.
    words wake from slumber.
    this is such a gorgeous piece.

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  10. This is just gorgeous. I love all the lines, and I feel the same way about the dawning of the day!

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  11. Alice Nine says:

    Beautiful, simply beautiful, Molly! I marvel at the dawning of each day, and “the morning fills me” too.

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