Good Intentions


March SOLC–Day 6
A huge thank you to  Anna, Beth, Betsy, Deb, Kathleen, Lisa, Lanny, Melanie, and Stacey for all that they do to create a supportive community of writers and a safe, welcoming space to write, learn, share and grow.

Yesterday morning I had a silent but stern talk with myself before getting out of bed.

Ok, Molly, you are going to get your coffee. You have 15 minutes to check e-mail and then you have got to start working. No excuses!

Everything started out great. I got up, turned on the coffee machine, fed the cats and opened up my computer. I was motivated to get some serious work done!  Then I made a rookie mistake: I looked outside and saw the sunrise glowing through the trees.

Oh! I should head down to the bay, check out the sunrise and take some pictures.

I didn’t even stop to shut my computer. I threw on my jeans and coat, poured my coffee into a travel mug and jumped in the car. I acted like a dog when someone shouts “Squirrel!” Within 5 minutes of the thought occurring to me, I was down at the bay.

The colors were fading a bit when I arrived, but it was still quite lovely. Stepping out of the car, I gasped. In my rush to get down there, I hadn’t realized how brutally cold it was outside.  The car temperature recorded 6 degrees, but the wind was doing its best to drive that number down. Way down! I hunched into my jacket and threw a hat on my head. Determined to enjoy this morning moment, I wandered about for a short time, watching the fluctuating reds of the sunrise weave through the low-lying dark clouds. Ruched ice formed intriguing sculptures along the edges of the water and every so often the ice creaked and groaned with the tidal pull of the bay. My fingers began to ache horribly from the cold and I returned to the car, wondering if they were permanently damaged. After thawing them briefly in front of the heaters, I headed for home, pretending that I was virtuously choosing to cut short my “play” time because I needed to get back to work.



It was cold, cold, cold!

Back home, I refilled my coffee and settled in front of the computer. I spent my allotted time on e-mail and then started to map out plans for the coming week. Yay, me!

About fifteen minutes later, my daughter, home on spring break, came downstairs.

“Hey, Mom, do you want to do some yoga nidra?”

After the slightest hesitation, I responded, “Sure!”

And so it started and so it continued. I paved the road to hell all day long!

23 thoughts on “Good Intentions

  1. Amy Warntz says:

    Good intentions, yes you had them, but look at the memories you made and that is priceless. Your work will always wait, wait patiently for you. The sunset will fade and your daughter will be back at school.

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  2. pugluv50 says:

    These are the important things in life. Don’t say no to them. Work will always be there.

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  3. ebgriffin says:

    Balance is key they say, but like you, my balance seems to be off at times. Sometimes I am working to hard and not enjoying life. On other days, I just can’t seem to sit at the desk and get my work done. It looks to me like you made some good choices this weekend. Just think, you will never experience that cold sunrise again, and your daughter will be going back to school soon. Cut yourself some slack. You’ll get the work done.

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    • mbhmaine says:

      It always comes down to balance, doesn’t it? I remember being asked in an interview what I thought my greatest challenge would be as a teacher. I said, without a moment of hesitation, “Balancing work and home.” Guess I nailed that answer! Thanks for stopping by!


  4. Think about the memories your created. Sometimes you just have to do it!

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  5. parkers says:

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one. I try to take advantage of the spontaneous beauty around me. Also, when those kids call you. . .you just gotta go!

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  6. vanessaw2007 says:

    “like a dog when someone shouts squirrell” ha.. love that line and love the stern talk with yourself and love this whole piece.

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  7. ureadiread says:

    If that’s “hell” it sounds like a very pleasant one.

    This. “watching the fluctuating reds of the sunrise weave through the low-lying dark clouds. Ruched ice formed intriguing sculptures along the edges of the water and every so often the ice creaked and groaned with the tidal pull of the bay.”

    You’ve captured a moment here in language as beautiful as that cold, cold sunrise. Sounds like a meaningful start to your day.

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  8. lindabaie says:

    For all our sakes, I’m glad you went. Love seeing the pictures, and love that you said “yes” to your daughter. That’s what counts more than that other stuff!

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  9. I really enjoyed your description of the sounds of the ice and its creaks and groans. I was right there in that spot with you. Lovely. Thank you for braving the cold. As others have said ,this is life, doing exactly what you did. Good job. 🙂

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  10. I enjoyed your post, because a) I could relate and b) the imagery in both your writing and photos was lovely!


  11. kd0602 says:

    Brrr….I can’t even imagine that cold, but I can certainly understand the pull to head out with your camera and capture the beauty of nature at its best. And I’m very good at putting off that work, with only the smallest suggestion of something more fun! Sounds like a lovely way to spend Sunday!


  12. What a gorgeous way to start the day! If it makes you feel any better, you weren’t alone in not accomplishing all your goals yesterday. 🙂


  13. Time with your daughter. Priceless!


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