It wasn’t my fault!


March SOLC–Day 20
A huge thank you to  Anna, Beth, Betsy, Deb, Kathleen, Lisa, Lanny, Melanie, and Stacey for all that they do to create an amazing community of writers and a safe, welcoming space to write, learn, share and grow.

Grades close today and I really, really, really wanted to get all my comments written this weekend. But after hour after hour of work scoring and entering grades on Saturday, I just couldn’t pull it off. Apparently, two days of disciplined work in a row is beyond my capability–at least on the weekend. I worked a bit, got a good chunk done, but completion was not within range. And now that I think about it, it’s really not my fault. Here’s what I blame:

  • Basic human physiology and maybe the hens: The cupboards were bare: We needed food. I had to get to the grocery store. The fact that this was a preferred activity today means nothing! It still wasn’t my fault that we needed groceries. So what if I chose the longest route, drove slowly and listened to my audio book?  After I returned, I had to unload the groceries, and put them away. Then I noticed I needed to clean out the fridge and that necessitated a trip out to the compost pile.  On the way I got distracted by the hens, remembering I needed to collect the eggs …
  • DSCN9407.jpgOne very cute squirrel: I watched this little guy play in the snow under the feeders for quite a while. He was playing peek-a-boo in one of my footprints as he scavenged for food. He literally made me burst out laughing one time when he popped up with a sunflower seed hanging askew from  his mouth. Adorable! Of course I had to take pictures. Then I had to download them and, of course, share them on social media. And not responding to comments is just rude…
  • Sun and snow: The skies were blue and the sun was reflecting light like a neon invitation to get outside. So, never one to turn down an invitation (again, rude!), I went for a walk and enjoyed the crazy snow textures and the winter scenery. The fields of snow have a sheen that is just incredible! (This could also be interpreted as the fault of my Fitbit, as I did want to rack up a few steps.) The whole picture thing happened again…DSCN9430 (1).jpg
  • TWT: I read and commented on blogs–this is really TWT’s fault. I mean did you have to have a commenting contest this weekend??? 😉 I also needed to start writing today’s blog…
  • My Family: I hung out with my husband. Then I made some phone calls and messaged with my kids for a while. Also, my sister was sick and I had to check in to see how she was doing which led to a long chat…maybe it’s her fault?
  • Human physiology again: I roasted veggies and prepped salads in a jar for my lunches this week and steel cut oats for my breakfasts. This is really productive, right? Prepping also necessitates clean up, another major time suck…
  • A westward facing window over the kitchen sink and the sunset: I was finishing up in the kitchen, preparing to get back to report card comments, when I looked outside. Is it my fault the window faces west? Who can resist a light show like that? I raced out back to watch the sunset and take a few photos. I returned to get back to work and darned if the lights didn’t change into a whole new color spectrum. Of course I had to run out again. Then that whole photo thing happened again…

IMG_1031.jpgDSCN9437 (1).jpg

Bottom line–I’m not finished with my report card comments and it wasn’t my fault!


11 thoughts on “It wasn’t my fault!

  1. Amy Warntz says:

    You were in your happy place and there should be no regrets (love, love, love the squirrel, by the way!). This morning I’m benefitting from your excursions while I should be putting the final touches on my lessons plans. Oh well…

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  2. Sometimes other things take priority! Made me laugh taking the longest route to the grocery store! Such a beautiful sunset!

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  3. cindaroo42 says:

    ha I love this! You’re right it’s that darn westward facing window to blame! I think spending your time doing all of those things is much more important- you will be rested and enriched to be ready for your students today. The report cards ALWAYS get done- one way or another- what’s the rush?

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    • mbhmaine says:

      I keep telling myself that the report cards always get done, but I keep repressing the other side of that–the fact that I need to be the one to complete them!


  4. jehansen13 says:

    I find this happening many days (report cards or lesson planning or something else I should be finishing up)…I love that you enjoy the moments that pass by rather than ignoring them in order to finish the task!

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  5. The report cards had no chance competing with your eye for the right picture or a life well-lived.

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