Holding on and Riding out the Storm


March SOLC–Day 23

They say a picture paints a thousand words. I snapped this one during one of our recent blizzards, and I hope it counts for at least a few, because right now it’s about all I can come up with.  I can totally relate to this poor cardinal, buffeted by the winds and clinging to a branch with its wee feet. With report cards this week, a school concert tonight, parent-teacher conferences and MEA testing next week, and the ongoing SOL challenge, I, too, am just holding on and trying to ride out the storm!

DSCN9001 (1).jpg

7 thoughts on “Holding on and Riding out the Storm

  1. Fantastic picture! I also love the connection you made. Keep holding on; the storm will pass!

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  2. Judy c. says:

    Hang in there. One day at a time and remember to breath.

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  3. That picture was indeed worth 1000 words…and all your teacher slicers are right there with you! Hang on, it’s almost over! 🙂 You’ve got this.

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  4. Alice Nine says:

    Hang in there… as my mother always said, This too shall pass. I’m honored that in your scrunch for time you stopped by my blog today!

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  5. Amy Warntz says:

    Your cardinal is precious and the struggle is real. Hang on! Just think how happy you’ll be next week at this time!

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    • mbhmaine says:

      I was just reminding myself not to wish next week away, Amy, but, my oh my, conference week is always a struggle. I’m always envious of teachers who have half days or adjusted schedules during that time.

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