March SOLC- Day 26

Saturday night we attended our daughter’s University of Maine Singers concert. I started to write about the event in prose but it quickly shifted to a poem. It’s funny how that happens sometimes.


The audience settled into their seats
materials shifting and sighing
muffled seat springs creaking
Then silence descended
an expectant hush
the singers strode onto the stage
filling the risers
the conductor raised his hands…
and those voices, those glorious voices,
intertwined in thunderous beauty,
lifted and soared
filling the hall
spilling out into the frosty night
My heart swelled with the notes
as I watched my daughter
singing in the midst of that choir
and I was so glad,
so fiercely glad,
that she has this:
this music
this community
this gift of song

Molly Hogan (c) 2017

Here’s A rehearsal clip from the University of Maine Singers. Click if you’d like to enjoy an informal “taste” of their singing.

5 thoughts on “Concert

  1. Having a place where your daughter belongs is such a blessing. Speaking of finding the right genre for writing, I tried to write “Sweet Dreams, Robyn” in prose form. Just struggled and struggled. Then I hit on narrative poetry and things clicked. Letting go to find the right fit for our writing.

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  2. Amy Warntz says:

    It is so rewarding when we see our children who are now young adults have a talent, a passion and they are able to share it with others to enjoy. Thanks for the video clip. How neat is that that I get a sneak peek?!

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  3. cindaroo42 says:

    oh molly was a lovely post! It is full of emotion. I especially love the line “the expected hush” and “so fiercely glad…”

    such strong language!

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  4. mainereader says:

    Beautiful poem and 🎶

    Sent from Sue’s iPad


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  5. caroline524 says:

    Your poem reminded me of all the concerts we attended for our daughter. Beautifully done.


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