Currently (as of last night)

11454297503_e27946e4ff_hI’ve had a tough time slicing lately. Somehow Tuesday comes along before I know it and once again, I’m floundering. Last night I was determined to have a slice to share today, so I fell back on the tried and true “Currently” structure. Please bear in mind that I wrote this last night. (My morning beverage of choice is a more acceptable orange juice with a splash of cranberry.)

Currently I am…

Wishing… for a nice cool breeze. The temps hit the low 90s today and it’s still sticky. I finally took the flannel sheets off the bed. (I hope I wasn’t too optimistic and that I don’t regret it in a few days!)

Looking at…the flowers blooming in my garden. The first of the rugosa roses have made an appearance and “…the green fists of the peonies are getting ready/ to break my heart…” (Mary Oliver—I recently read her poem Peonies for the first time (Thanks, Tara!) and then read it again…and again…and again…)

Planning… for the final two weeks of school. These may be the longest or the shortest two weeks in the history of the world.

Reading… my e-mail from TC about the June Reading Institute. Is anyone else going?

Writing… comments for report cards and trying not to repeat what I wrote in the last two trimesters. Searching for the perfect phrase…

Watching… the wine level in my glass go down.

Listening… to the evening chorus of the birds and to the far off sound of some motivated (or irate?) neighbor who is chopping or banging something.

Drinking…I’ll give you one guess 🙂 (Hint: see Watching…) I’m pretty convinced there’s some major evaporation going on here as well!

Eating…pretzels. I have a major pretzel problem—not just any old pretzels though. It’s Snyder’s Snaps all the way for me!

Mood…vacillating –so much to do, so much to reflect upon, so much to anticipate, so much to regret, so much to enjoy.  So much!

12 thoughts on “Currently (as of last night)

  1. Terje says:

    I find your sidenote about your morning drink to be humorous. So much going on during the end of the year. I like how you say that these could be the longest or the shortest weeks. No matter the length I hope the weeks hold more positive than stressful in them.

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  2. This format is always a good one to fall back on, Molly

    It is in the 90s in Maine?!!? Well, maybe that will warm the ocean up in time for our vacation next month.

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  3. These have been warm and challenging nights on the coast of Maine for those of us who resist air-conditioning. Your hubby can help you put the flannel sheets back on if need be.

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  4. ureadiread says:

    “These may be the longest or the shortest two weeks in the history of the world.” This feels so true about endings. “so much to anticipate, so much to regret, so much to enjoy. So much!” Stay cool. Here’s hoping none of us will need flannel sheets again before October.

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  5. margaretsmn says:

    I wonder how different our morning reflections are from those in the evening. This structure works for those times when you’re not sure what to write. You place us right next to you. Good luck with the ending of school. Always so much to do.

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  6. But are they Snyder’s Butter Snaps. YUM!

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