Storm Aftermath–A week in a slice

11454297503_e27946e4ff_hLast week I wrote about waking from Sunday night’s storm. I ended with the line, “…I wonder what we’ll see when day breaks.” Here are a few of the things I “saw”, in no particular order:




This was just around the corner from my house.  Sadly this wasn’t an uncommon sight. 

  1. No significant damage to our property and belongings. So thankful!
  2.  No electricity for the next 6 days! (You may have heard my “Hooray!” when the power returned late on Saturday morning.) Note: There are still people without power!
  3.  The beauty of running water. The water was cold but it continued to flow and the ability to flush toilets cannot be overrated! (Being on town water is a blessing during a power outage!)
  4. Community spirit! The community rallied in so many ways. People posted open invitations for those without power to come to their homes for showers, coffee, etc. Valiant Mainers immediately revved up their chainsaws and got to work clearing trees from roadways. Our town organized a “Trick or Trunk” event so that kids wouldn’t miss out on Trick or Treating. People decorated their cars, gathered at a central location, and handed out candy from the trunks. The fire station came with a truck to provide some light. What wonderful, positive community spirit!
  5. Nature undimmed by artificial light. The star-lit night sky was staggering without light pollution. The full moon cast an amazing glow that was far more impressive viewed from a candlelit home.
  6. Good Humor. One man on the town Facebook page titled each day as “Involuntary Glamping Staycation Day 1”..etc. People were cheerful, friendly and helpful everywhere you went.
  7. The inside of the school showers. I never thought I’d see those! (I was about to head to the local fire station for a shower on Saturday when our power returned. I have to admit, I was curious to check those out and thought the experience might have definite blog potential.)
  8. My internet addiction. Wow! I felt a bit lost when I couldn’t easily participate in writing communities on line. I also missed being able to easily google information (What’s a bomb cyclone anyway?) and access online Thesauruses (or is it Thesauri? See, that’s what I mean!) and Rhyming Dictionaries. Oh–and weather forecasts!
  9. My Good Fortune. Yes, it was not much fun to go without power for an extended time, but after a day or so I had many options for powering up, warming up, cleaning up, etc. I keep thinking of those who are struggling in Puerto Rico and how fortunate I am in comparison.

And then there was this:




11 thoughts on “Storm Aftermath–A week in a slice

  1. margaretsmn says:

    One thing we learn from storms around here (south Louisiana) is that amazing community spirit. People do rally and help each other and find creative ways to do the things that have always come easily. I’m glad you have taken a positive spin on this terrible adversity. The human spirit at its best.

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    • mbhmaine says:

      I’ve always heard about communities pulling together in times of trouble. Although I could have done without the storm, it was great to see everyone band together!


  2. Oh, those last photos are lovely!

    I can’t velieve how much damage New England saw. Glad your lives are getting back to normal now.

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  3. Christine says:

    I was impacted by that same storm with a tree falling in the middle of our dead end road and keeping me home from school for two days. I was EVER grateful that the power remained on the entire time – until they came and took down the tree.
    6 days without power? Your positivity is amazing!

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  4. Adrienne says:

    Yikes! Community and flush toilets are definitely things to be thankful for. I feel for the people of Puerto Rico, still struggling without power after the hurricane.

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  5. Molly, your photos and your words so adequately describe the whole picture….reminding me, yes, how lucky we are/I am. And continue to be. I LOVE the way we shine (people) when it’s most needed. Thank you for sharing your gift with us, so simply and so beautifully. Write on!!!! Hannah Rothermel

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