A few haiku


I was determined that this year I’d do it. I’d write a haiku each day to participate in Mary Lee Hahn’s daily haiku in December challenge ( #haikuforhealing). Well, that hasn’t quite happened.  But, I have been writing more haiku, and the challenge has made me more attuned to the nuances of small moments ripe with haiku potential. Here are a few such moments and the resulting haiku.


There’s something otherworldly about foggy mornings. I took this photo earlier this fall at a local cemetery. It’s one that’s lingered with me. I’m still fiddling with the haiku, but the challenge inspired me to practice using picmonkey to combine poetry and images.


I drive to work early each day transfixed by the changing colors in the sky.  Dramatic red-tinged dawns have been common recently. On one morning a single white birch along the roadside glowed pink, reflecting the sunrise. Simply beautiful.

A slender white birch
blushes with the rising sun
a dawn-lit taper

(c) M. Hogan

As I opened up the car door when I arrived at school yesterday, I heard the strident and insistent calls of crows. Looking up I was lucky enough to witness some avian drama in the snow-covered pine trees.

Five raucous crows surge
target white-breasted raptor
Feathered fusillade

(c) M. Hogan

At home today, the call came early. No school. The wood stove is clicking and pulsing, my mug is filled with coffee, the snow is falling. All is well.

Amber flames flicker
Outside snowflakes swirl and dance
If I could, I’d purr

(c) M. Hogan


12 thoughts on “A few haiku

  1. Terje says:

    Such a lovely collection of haikus born from the moments of your day.

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  2. These are beautiful. Reading them brings a sense of calm. You inspire me to try my hand at haikus.

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  3. Nicely painted warm day at home.

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  4. elsie says:

    Each haiku creates a vision. Enjoy the snow day! My favorite was the birch tree, “a dawn-lit taper,” beautiful words for a beautiful image.

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  5. I love the blending of text with images – keep up the wonderful work! Daily writing – especially in a specific form – can be challenging. You have definitely been inspired recently – here’s to hoping your inspiration continues for the rest of this month!

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  6. margaretsmn says:

    My absolute favorite in the last one. “If I could, I’d purr.” A just right tone for that feeling of ultimate comfort. Enjoy your snow. Ours was quick and short lived, but the memories will last a lifetime.

    Liked by 1 person

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