SOLC 2018-Day 10: Who needs kids to make a snowman?


March 2018 SOLC–Day 10
A huge thank you to Two Writing Teachers for all that they do to create an amazing community of writers and a safe, welcoming space to write, learn, share and grow.


The storm was tapering down and we were both busy, shoveling paths through the freshly fallen foot of snow. It clung to my shovel and formed irregular clumps as I hefted it off the path. Not much fun to shovel, but perfect packing snow.

“Let’s make a snowman,” I called to my husband across the yard.

“A snowman?” he asked and kept on shoveling the walk.

“Yeah,” I said, “It’ll be fun! It can greet people when they come up the driveway.” I finished my last few swipes with the shovel, put it down,  and moved to a smooth area of snow-covered lawn.

“Well, I’m going to do it!” I announced.

I looked at the snow consideringly. Hmmmm…First step, make a snowball. Ok. I’ve got that. Next, start rolling it through the snow. I knew how to do this! I began with great enthusiasm, rolling my ball over and over through the snow. After several minutes I stopped. Hmmm… What was I doing wrong?

“Hey,” I called to Kurt, “This is harder than I remember.” I leaned over, examining my pathetic, lopsided not-much-bigger-than-when-I-started snowball.

“What’s hard about making a snowman?” he asked, laughing.

“I don’t know, but my snowball’s not getting much bigger. I remember this as being much easier.” I looked at my pitiful effort in disgust. The small ball lay there amidst the chaos of tracks crisscrossing the once pristine lawn.

“Maybe it’s something to do with the snow or maybe I’m forgetting something, ” I said. “Shouldn’t this be like riding a bike?”

A snowball thwacked me in the butt. “Jerk,” I called, without looking up. “Come help!”

After a minute Kurt swaggered over to take over the rolling. After a few minutes, with much less swagger, he looked askance at his pathetic, lopsided not-much-bigger-than-when-he-started snowball. He hadn’t had much more success than I, but he now had a snowball imprint on his butt, too. (I guess I hadn’t forgotten how to do that!)

Eventually, we figured it out. More or less.

And guess what? It was fun!


33 thoughts on “SOLC 2018-Day 10: Who needs kids to make a snowman?

  1. Amy Rudd says:

    Sweet story of your snowman’s build. Love the snowball moments too. Glad you kept at it and got your snow on!

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  2. dogtrax says:

    We wander our way
    into this
    chaos of
    tracks, crisscrossing
    our paths into
    what the storm has left
    The snow golem
    stands, silent, but
    welcoming, our hands
    that built it
    shape it
    wait for it to
    melt as winter slowly

    — doing some line-lifting to leave poems as comments this morning. Thank you for the inspiration.


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  3. Your snowman is great, and so is your slice. The understatement in it is powerful, as well as your use of hyphenated words. You made me laugh!

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  4. terierrol says:

    So uplifting to read of your fun in the snow, not the shoveling part! The play with your husband, precious.

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  5. Lemonade from lemons, Maine-style

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  6. jcareyreads says:

    Proof that you can play at any age. I love how you hooked your husband in.

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  7. cindaroo42 says:

    Molly! I love this! What a lovely moment with your husband. I love the image of snow spots on your butts! That adds such a playful touch to your snowman building!

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  8. margaretsmn says:

    Moments like these keep you young! Love the beautiful snowwoman with her long eyelashes!

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  9. Alice Nine says:

    LOVE those snowman eyes! They give such character. I didn’t help with the snowman building this year. The kids made 6–short to tall–in the last snows. I’m always amazed by the evidence of deep snow like the photo of your table/chair!

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  10. kd0602 says:

    As a snow-less person I love vicariously experiencing the beauty, fun, and even treachery of this white wonder! Love your snowman! ⛄️ and your persistence!

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  11. I love your snowman and the story of her creation. (To me, she looks more like a her with those long lashes and flashy pink scarf!) You’ve made me want to go build a snowman myself!

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    • mbhmaine says:

      We both thought she was a snow girl. Sadly, she didn’t survive the warmer temps on Friday, but she was a brief bright presence in our lives. PS If you do go out and build a snowman, I hope you’ll share pictures.

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  12. What a great memory you made with your husband! We are new empty nesters. Thank you for reminding me, we need to make new memories.

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    • mbhmaine says:

      We are empty nesters as well. There are definite pros and cons but I try to consciously add to the pro side when I can. Have fun making some new memories!


  13. paulabourque says:

    This makes me so happy! I’m glad you coaxed your hubby into sharing such a joyful moment. May we always find ways to let the child inside us come out and play!!

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  14. schwartzee2 says:

    SO much fun! My husband and I built a snowman the weekend he proposed and it was hard to do! I built one last year and made it a small one which was much easier.

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  15. Beth says:

    I always love your snow people, so much personailty! ❤


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