SOLC 2018-Day 15: The Unexpected Danger of Show Tunes


March 2018 SOLC–Day 15
A huge thank you to Two Writing Teachers for all that they do to create an amazing community of writers and a safe, welcoming space to write, learn, share and grow.

Don’t you love when something someone says or writes sparks a slice idea? On my recent slice about cleaning to music, Margaret Simon commented  that she cleans to show tunes. Although it isn’t my cleaning music of choice, we do love show tunes in my family. Thinking about this tumbled me right down memory lane again.

It was parent-teacher conference time. I sat at the table across from Mrs. Ingalls, the third grade teacher. Before her she had a collection of Addie’s work, including her writing. She pushed one sample toward me.

I read the beginning:

“Once upon a cat, there were 3 fleas.”

Whoa, I thought, what a great lead! We are going to be doing some writing celebration in this conference!

I looked up at her and smiled. She looked at me and then at the paper. I read on.

“One flea liked red wine.”

Uh oh

I continued to read.

“One liked jazz.”

Phew…not so bad!

“And the other one liked likker.”


I looked up at Mrs. Ingalls, who was not known for her sense of humor and who was regarding me impassively. Do I even want to know what she’s thinking right now? I took a deep breath, trying not to laugh.

“Well,” I said, “the red wine is definitely inspired by me. But the jazz and liquor….well, we’ve been listening to the soundtrack of Chicago a lot lately…” My voice trailed off, then I tried again. “But wasn’t that an awesome lead!”

As I left twenty minutes later, all I could think was that it was a good thing she hadn’t heard Connor, my fifth grader, belting out “Master of the House” from Les Mis (“God knows how I’ve lasted, living with this bastard in the house…”) or Lydia, our first grader, singing large sections from Cell Block Tango (“You been screwin’ the milkman?”). Ok, it’s funny now, but when it happened even I was pretty appalled by that one. 

Who knew there was a risk to listening to show tunes?



20 thoughts on “SOLC 2018-Day 15: The Unexpected Danger of Show Tunes

  1. Ha ha, love this! You convey the changing feelings through the conference really well, as you give space on the paper for us to pause and consider what are your thoughts at each moment. Yikes! I’m with you on celebrating the writing, and sorry Mrs. Ingall’s didn’t see the fun!
    Laugh-out-loud at the end. Great memory slice.

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  2. ureadiread says:

    I burst out laughing on the last part! Love her approximations and stealing from mentor texts.

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  3. cindaroo42 says:

    Ha! Hopefully the teacher had a sense of humor about that! At least your kiddo used those references so creatively! Great job switching from dialogue to your own thinking! It made me laugh!

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  4. Suzanne says:

    OMG! This post is too funny! The kids are always singing inappropriate things thanks to music and hasn’t it always been that way? You need to send this post to, they would get a kick out of the house that sings together!

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    • mbhmaine says:

      We still love to sing together but generally avoid the inappropriate lyrics –of course a lot less is inappropriate now that they’re adults! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


  5. Hahaha! I literally laughed out loud at this. Makes my parent-teacher conferences look tame – but oh my gosh, that’s hysterical. And you’re right – it was a great lead!

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  6. Beth says:

    I love laughing first thing in the morning. Am I the only one who thought Little House on the Prairie?

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    • mbhmaine says:

      So funny! It took me forever to figure out what you were talking about with Little House on the Prairie reference. I had NEVER connected this Mrs. Ingalls to the Ingalls family. Glad it made you laugh!


  7. vicki s says:

    Oh my gosh, this is the BEST! I love how kids are unfiltered. Too bad all teachers don’t come with a sense of humor because I know I would have been laughing super hard right along with the parent. Great memory for the day your child turns 21 🙂

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  8. Molly,

    You are hilarious. How did you compose yourself when sitting in front of the stern Mrs. Ingalls? BTW, is she related to Laura Ingalls?

    Keep on sharing the stories and smiles.

    Best wishes.


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  9. Alice Nine says:

    Hahahahahahaha!! You made me cry! Speaking of music… lyrics, memories, connections… and all. Well, at my father-in-law’s funeral a local male quartet sang a couple hymns, a couple country songs and then they sang “You took a find time to leave me, Lucille.” It brought the place (church) down … it was so him to have requested it.

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  10. I just smiled through the reading of this slice. I especially loved Addie’s lead!

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