This April, Renee LaTulippe of No Water River is hosting a wonderful month of poet visits and writing prompts. I’ve been lurking mainly, but a prompt from Margarita Engle caught my eye. She asked poets to write about making a choice, either simple or complex. Here’s one I made recently on the way home from work.



Driving home last night
I chose to pause
to pull over on the berm
then sit and watch as
four slender deer
foraged in the misty fields
while cars whizzed by
buffeting me with their wake

Last night
I chose to linger
while deer peacefully grazed
stepping through
tendrils of languid fog
that drifted and twined about them
as the world rushed by
and dusk descended.

© 2018 M. Hogan



10 thoughts on “Pause

  1. Amanda Potts says:

    What a lovely response to the prompt. The parallels you draw in structure and imagery between you and the deer really highlight your pause, your choice. And the pictures are gorgeous, too.

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  2. Tendrils of languid fog… such a beautiful word picture

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  3. margaretsmn says:

    On my way through emails, I pause to come here and live a moment with you. Peace!

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  4. ureadiread says:

    To pause is a powerful choice. Your words framed that experience beautifully.

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  5. Noticing and savoring.

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