Breaking the Heat With Some Light-Hearted Verse

unnamedI’m still in that “adjusting to summer” mode and am beginning to wonder if it might last all summer long. I’ve been writing lots, but it’s been more of a “notebook nature,” mostly not for public consumption or even conducive to longer pieces–a least not yet. Here are a couple of recent light-hearted efforts.


Suet Feeder
Red squirrel, bold and hungry
gorges on the suet feed
quick skedaddles up the tree
clasps a branch with tiny feet
cops a pose innocently
Not me!

©2018 M. Hogan


What a funny cat bird
perching in that tree
sounds different
looks different
but what else could it be?

©2018 M. Hogan



I’m prickly, I’m scratchy
I’m covered with bites
A few are scabbed over
Some swell to huge heights

My blood loss is epic
My sleep is disturbed
The bugs keep on feasting
Their hunger uncurbed

My skin’s polka-dotted
My best friend’s an itch-stick
I can’t write much more now
I think I’m anemic…

©2018 M. Hogan

You can find this week’s Poetry Friday Roundup at The Miss Rumphius Effect. Find a quiet moment, a cool spot and stop on by and enjoy some poetry!

16 thoughts on “Breaking the Heat With Some Light-Hearted Verse

  1. lindabaie says:

    You have a gift for great endings, Molly. Sorry for so much need for that “itch-stick”! And Love that squirrel so blithe in its gorging! Happy Summer!

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  2. janicescully says:

    I hope your writing took your mind off the heat and your itching for a while. I loved the drama in your poems!

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  3. These are such fun, Molly! I love your cat bird. The look on her (his?) is priceless!
    You’re not alone having trouble settling into summer mode. Today is the first day I haven’t wandered around the house in a fog. Looking forward to reading more from your nature notebook!

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  4. mbhmaine says:

    Thanks, Catherine. It was fun to play a bit and not take myself too seriously!


  5. All of them are fun, but my favorite is the squirrel. “What? Who? Not me!” 🙂

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  6. cvarsalona says:

    Since I am itching like crazy from 2 bee stings and mosquito bites from a week ago, I laughed about your itchy poem.

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  7. Kay Mcgriff says:

    Such fun! You’ve taken some of the frustrations of summer and turned them on their head with humor. Though, I’ve always been partial to the squirrels. I think they more than earn their dinner from the birdfeeders by their antics and shenanigans in getting to them.

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  8. I feel like I’ve been living your poems here in NH, Molly! Thanks for sharing.

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  9. These are all fun Molly, they have me grinning wide 😉 Love that red squirrel and when he/she says,

    Not me!”
    And “ITCHY” I can definitely relate to this one.

    I got your poem swap gorgeous package–would you send me your email, so I can thank you properly, send to:

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