SOLC 2019 Day 26: Intruder Alert!


March 2019 SOLC–Day 26
A huge thank you to Two Writing Teachers for all that they do to create an amazing community of writers and a safe, welcoming space to write, learn, share and grow.

They come with increasing frequency now. Bold. Intrusive. I’m always on the lookout, determined to be the first to spot them. My eyes scan the familiar terrain, examining the likely spots, determined to oust any intruders. I cock my head one way then another, intent on my mission.

Wait! Is that one?

I lean in even closer. Staring intently. Focused and determined.

Not on my watch!

Yes. Right there. Just barely in sight.

Sneaky little devil! 

With my implement of destruction in hand, I lean in closer and, with a swift, careful movement, I deftly grip the intruder.

Aha! Got ya!

I pull. And pull! It holds firm, resistant….until…finally! Success!

There in my tweezers is one thick stubbly hair, plucked from my jawline.

I thrust it viciously into the trashcan.

Victory is mine!

12 thoughts on “SOLC 2019 Day 26: Intruder Alert!

  1. Ramona says:

    Ha! What fun I had trying to imagine what intruder you were trying to best. When it was revealed, a quick reread was in order.


  2. cindaroo42 says:

    Hahahaha! I loved the way you built up so much tension! I found myself reading faster and faster to find out what the intruder was. A spider? Ants? ha! what a surprise and true statement! Lovely craft Molly!


  3. Cara Wegrzyn says:

    My first thought was bugs, too. Such strong verbs. Great Slice!


  4. Maestraavega says:

    Haha!! I thought it was an animal


  5. margaretsmn says:

    Ha, Ha Ha! I once wrote a poem about chin hairs. Makes me want to go find it again.


  6. Kept me reading and reading. Congrats. One small triumph at a time.


  7. Amanda Potts says:

    Hahahaha! I spent the whole time while I read trying to figure out what it was. Rodent? Weed? I laughed out loud at the end. Great slice!!


  8. amyilene says:

    Great slice! Loved the buildup & identifying the ultimate culprit!


  9. terierrol says:

    You kept me reading, wanting to meet this intruder! Oh, those ugly facial hairs. Since my Electrolysis retired I’m plucking too!


  10. paulabourque says:

    Oh my lord, you had me guessing! That was hilarious!!


  11. mgminer says:

    I laughed out loud! You’re lucky if it’s just one intruder! Why are women cursed with chin hair? It seems so unfair.


  12. Beth says:

    My daily grooming, getting old is fun and adventurous!


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