NPM 2019–Fooling around with my own version of Paint Chip Poetry

56157671_2292250211056165_7153227001665421312_n.jpgIn case you hadn’t noticed, it’s National Poetry Month! There’s all sorts of fabulous, frivolous poetry fun going on. I’m not sure that I’m up for a full month’s challenge, but the prose writing for the Slice of Life Challenge has left me yearning to write poetry. Also, I keep seeing posts inviting me to join in and “Play with Poetry”. Who can turn down that kind of invitation? I believe this particular fun began with Mary Lee Hahn and Jone MacCulloch, but I’m not sure.  (Please correct me if you know I’m off-base with this! Update–The idea originated with Mary Lee! She has the best ideas!!)

At any rate, I made my own version of Paint Chip Poetry today. I took a Sherwin-Williams paint chip sample thing-a-ma-jig, that has been tucked in a classroom cupboard for years, and brought it home. I decided to pick one “stick” of colors and randomly choose three names. Today I picked: “cucumber”, “pickle” and “enlightened lime”. Oooookay. 

Here’s my very rough, very odd,  draft poem. I’m not quite sure what to make of it, but every time I read it, it cracks me up. Then I get a little worried. (March really was a very long month.)

A Proliferation of Greens

In the fridge
the dark matte green skin
of cucumbers goosebumps
in proximity with
dull shades of pickle
seen through smudged glass
and murky liquid
but in the fruit drawer
there’s a burst of color
from one enlightened lime,
clearly destined
for my future margarita

©2019 (rough draft) Molly Hogan

15 thoughts on “NPM 2019–Fooling around with my own version of Paint Chip Poetry

  1. kd0602 says:

    I do love this whimsical beauty! “…there’s a burst of color from one enlightened lime…” Love the contrast with the murky pickle juice and the goosebumpy cucumbers! Guess I’ll need to swing by the local Home Depot to pick up some paint chips!

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  2. maryleehahn says:

    You nailed it! And you’ve got that margarita waiting as your reward!

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  3. This is exactly the kind of poem I’m hoping to read (and maybe write!) this month. I love the way this particular poetry challenge can lead to quirky and whimsical pieces. Most of the paint chips I got are single color, but now I want some strips so that I can try to do something with all the words on one strip. Gotta get back to the hardware store!! (And it’s a good thing I like to use paint chips as bookmarks, because I am getting quite the collection and it’s only April 2!)

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    • mbhmaine says:

      Thanks, Elisabeth. I really wasn’t sure I’d participate in anything formal this month, but this has been fun. I might just stick with Paint Chips, because I don’t want to invest in anything else right now. We’ll see what might come along and lend itself to the fun!


  4. hahahaha.
    I love so many things about this “draft”
    I love the anticipation and change of pace with the line
    BUT IN THE FRUIT DRAWER….it’s such a fun contrast to the rabbit hole my mind was slipping down picturing the murky liquid, behind the smudged glass next to those dull shades of pickle! lol
    That enlightened lime is having too much fun over there all inspired in the fruit drawer! hahahaha I love it!

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  5. margaretsmn says:

    Ha! The margarita lime cracked me up. Cucumber goosebumps is funny, too. I’m so glad you are joining us. Mary Lee did originate the idea.

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  8. cvarsalona says:

    As I reached the end of your poem, I saw why you laughed. All that green and smile wishes me a happy night of sleep. I decided to play with poetry this week, Molly.

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  9. godcoffeedogcow says:

    A good poem makes me feel…a great poem makes me feel and question, so you get a GREAT from me! What makes it an enlightened lime? Is it because it is by itself in its drawer? Or because it knows its destined for salty greatness? Who knows??? Thank you!


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