NPM Day 4–An Autumnal Moment

You know, I just have to say that I really wish there were a better abbreviation for Paint Chip Poetry than PCP. While Paint Chip Poetry has challenged me to think in new ways, I can say with certainty that it hasn’t induced hallucinations or lead to violent outbursts.

At any rate, today I chose these colors randomly from three different color strips: Henna Shade, Brassy, and Wheat Grass. This was definitely the most challenging poem so far. I’m not really satisfied with this, but honoring the idea of playing, I’m sharing it anyway.

An Autumnal Moment

The russet setting sun casts light
through the ornamental cast iron gate
creating intricate henna shade
on the shimmering wheat grass
while overhead, migrating geese
sound their brassy calls

©2019 Molly Hogan

4 thoughts on “NPM Day 4–An Autumnal Moment

  1. margaretsmn says:

    I’ve been thinking about what if it just doesn’t work? I had that experience today. I do like the way henna makes its
    way into the shadows. This is better than you think it is.

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    • mbhmaine says:

      Thanks, Margaret. The henna shadows was the one thing that felt right. I struggled with the other two. This felt like a trio where no matter how I shifted and played, two of the words could play nicely, but the third was a tough fit. Still, I enjoyed the challenge of it.


  2. It’s been interesting to me to note how the words don’t always play as nicely as I imagine they will. Often the color I’m most excited about playing with won’t play nice at all! Are you continuing to tinker with the poems after you publish? With a daily requirement to publish, it’s always a challenge to call it on revising and just get it out there!

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    • mbhmaine says:

      I’ve found the same thing, Elisabeth. The color that seems to have the most potential sometimes ends up eventually feeling the least interesting. Maybe it’s because the others push me to be more creative, to dig deeper? I really want to title all these posts Paint Chip Poetry drafts. lol I don’t have enough time to polish them up, so I’m just hoping that anyone reading them understands that draft status is implicit in a daily challenge.


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