SOLC Day 16: A Dose of Deer


March 2020 SOLC–Day 16
A huge thank you to Two Writing Teachers for all that they do to create an amazing community of writers and a safe, welcoming space to write, learn, share and grow.

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I spent all day at school with my colleagues, planning and organizing materials for distance learning. This is what our school lobby looks like now–Full of materials ready for students to pick up. So many people worked hard to make this happen in one day. I’m sure there will be glitches. I’m also sure we’ll work together, adapt and overcome them. But I’m sad. And I’m weary. And I don’t want to give the corona virus any more room in my brain.

My son and his fiancee just had to cancel their couples shower. I know that’s not the worst thing in the world, especially right now, but I just feel so bad for them. They’ve been planning for so long and were so excited. They’re trying hard to stay optimistic, but who knows what will happen with the wedding…

Parents keep writing, thanking me for my work, thanking me for touching base, telling me to stay well. With every e-mail, my eyes prick with tears.

This is all just so much.

When I got home, I started thinking about what I would write tonight. I turned to Kurt and announced, “I’ll be damned if I’m going to write about the corona virus. I don’t want to write about the corona virus and its impact. I’m sick of thinking about it but my whole day was about the corona virus. It’s all I can think about.”

He looked up at me, surprised at my outburst.

“I’m just sick of it,” I said again, “and I am NOT going to let it take over my writing, too! I won’t!” 

He looked a bit taken aback, though he was wise enough not to say much.

A few minutes later, I pushed aside my computer and put on my sneakers.

“Are you going to work out?” Kurt ventured cautiously.

“Yes.” I said shortly, then headed into the spare room and began power walking on the treadmill.

About 15 minutes later, Kurt poked his head into the room.

“The deer are out back,”  he whispered, as if they could hear him from there. Or maybe he was just a bit tentative about my response.

He retreated.

I kept on walking for a few minutes. The deer have been coming by most evenings lately. I didn’t need to go see them. I walked some more.

Then, after a few minutes, I pushed the red button, and the treadmill slowly came to a complete stop. Kurt knew what I needed. I’d return to the treadmill later, but for now I’d make time to see the deer. I grabbed my camera and snuck outside.

There they were–a momma and two babies. They grazed in the field contentedly. I crouched behind the wood pile and zoomed in for a photo. One of the young ones raised its head and stared at me for a long, long time. I stared back.

Somehow it just made me feel better.


17 thoughts on “SOLC Day 16: A Dose of Deer

  1. “my eyes prick with tears” as I read today’s slice. I feel for you all. I especially feel for your son and his fiancee. A college buddy of mine from Arizona State is a wedding photography at the age of 68. He has a full season ahead. He needs the work. The couples need his skilled touch. I hope they all can meet in the middle and have a beautiful day. Rich is a beautiful soul. His goal when he shoots a wedding is to make it the best day for the bride. He wants his photography to bring out her inner and outer beauty. I wish such a photographer for your son and his fiancee. We are somewhat self-isolating as the blog I post tonight will show you. We’re fine, not weary, but adjusting to this new normal.

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  2. margaretsmn says:

    Do you watch Call the Midwife? Last night there was an episode on LPB (Louisiana Public Broadcasting) and the old nun who is kind of loosing it is comforted by the appearance of a buck. A beautiful scene much like this one. This wasn’t just happenstance in my opinion.

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  3. kd0602 says:

    OMG! What an amazing sight! And just what we all needed in your slice tonight. My post feels similar, a dose of something not focused on the virus. Thanks for taking me on your journey today. And best of luck with the distance learning. We’ll have to share those stories soon too!


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  4. mrssurridge says:

    Our teachers were at school today, also. We invited the parents in to pick up some work. I was really pleased with how calm the entire experience was. I also had my students practice a couple things from home. That may not be as calm.
    I was determined not to write about CoVid19 also. I looked around my house for 20 minutes before I could find something. You are right our lives have been taken over by this so it’s hard to think about anything else.
    I’m so glad you stopped to take your photo of that gorgeous deer. She doesn’t even know there is a pandemic going on…I’m a bit jealous.

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  5. It’s stressful the planning, the worry for kids, the future. I am glad those deer gave you some respite.

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  6. humbleswede says:

    I can relate to so much in this. I had a day at the computer trying to make this remote learning thing not be boring or rote, but when I finally got around to slicing (no slice in the bank at this stage of the month), all I could think about was the virus. The only thing that is countering that weight is the puppy in my backyard and on my couch and under the table. Domestic wildlife to your true wildlife.

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  7. cvarsalona says:

    I hear you, Molly, and only wish I saw the deer to forget the tension that is moutning.

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  8. Amanda Potts says:

    I, too, am fighting against writing about covid19. I don’t *want* to – I don’t want to think about it, talk about it, live it… and yet that’s all I do, so I relate deeply to your post. In fact, your photography is what inspired*my* post today – I wanted to share something beautiful & looked at some of the ways you weave your pictures into your posts for inspiration. Nature has a way of knowing what we need; I’m glad the deer came tonight & that you hopped off the treadmill to spend time with them.

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    • mbhmaine says:

      It’s really hard not to focus on it. I actually found myself glad that I had report card comments that I had to finish up. God knows if they were fully coherent though.


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