If I Were Goddess of the Ocean


This past week, Laura Shovan wrapped up her Water Poem Project and the final bonus prompt came from author and poet, Aida Salazar. She wrote,  “Imagine you are the goddess of the ocean. Write a poem about what you have to do during an ocean storm to keep all its creatures safe.” I saw the first half of this prompt, ignored the rest, and went on a mini-rant. I vacillate between feeling frustrated, angry and scared these days, and the idea of being a powerful goddess of anything is very appealing.

If I Were Goddess of the Ocean

Some people would feel my wrath!
I’d rage through DC,
sweep wild waters before me,
send towering waves
through the Oval Office,
channel cascading currents
through Congress
purging it of sycophantic cronies,
then surge forth
to scour away
self-righteous hypocrites
clothed in a veneer of Christianity
who have forgotten the meaning
of compassion
and willingly play
Russian Roulette
with others’ lives.
I’d tumble them about a bit
shake them up.

Unwilling to further
foul my domain,
I’d pull back the tides,
toss these sodden creatures
back onto land.
Bedraggled and drenched,
perhaps they’ll reconsider
their self-serving stances,
their callous calculations,
their disregard for truth
and consequences.

I’ll settle back down
to the ebb and flow
yet whisper warnings
with my surf…

Don’t mess with me!

©Molly Hogan, 2020

Christie Wyman, birder, naturalist, poet, teacher,  is hosting this week’s Poetry Friday Roundup at her blog, Wondering and Wandering. She’s been making the most of National Poetry Month with her fabulous ThoreaulyInspired Poetry Project and also shares her contribution to the Progressive Poem.

24 thoughts on “If I Were Goddess of the Ocean

  1. Patty McLaughlin says:

    Love it! You’ve got my vote for goddess

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  2. mbhmaine says:

    Thanks, Patty! I’m definitely trending toward surly, unhappy goddess though.


  3. Tim Gels says:

    Molly, I’m not positive, but I’m sensing a bit of, um, maybe frustration in your poem. Anger? I don’t know, though, that’s just an impression. Seriously, I appreciate this work and sentiment. These are difficult times, and expressing frustration is good for the soul on occasion.

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  4. Linda Mitchell says:

    Well, of course the Goddess of the Ocean is angry–as she should be! She spelled out very good reasons to be completely finished with the human race. I’m grateful Molly has given voice to the frustration of many—not just herself. Goodness, if it were up to some, we’d all have drunk our shot of bleach by now. The astounding ignorance and stupidity is pretty tough for educators to take…let alone, one who is Goddess of the Ocean. Mwah! for an excellent poem.

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  5. “purging it of sycophantic cronies” – yes! Amen, sister! : )

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  6. lindabaie says:

    Now if you could only have a “Ted talk” stage, it would be the highlight of my day, Molly. I love every bit, don’t mind the rant, & this “I’d tumble them about a bit” makes me want to help! Yes, Goddess, do your work!

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  7. margaretsmn says:

    I’m so glad the goddess has come out. She’s unsettled as we all are. I can’t believe the stupidity that comes out every day. Did you take your dose of Windex today?

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  8. Go Water Goddess Molly, spread your wrath and leave no wave unfurled! Excellent–would have loved to write a poem for this prompt, I’ve painted many Goddesses–one water Goddess from a while ago is posted on my FB page along with my “Dear Earth” poem, thanks.

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  9. Heidi says:

    Goddess, you are powerful, righteous in your rage, and yet merciful, which is why all the countries with women in leadership are doing better with this crisis. Thanks for crashing your fury over all of us!

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  10. Kay Mcgriff says:

    I love it! Can I hereby crown you goddess of the ocean to display your wrath? I would applaud and cheer you on.

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  11. Yes! Please “scour away
    self-righteous hypocrites
    clothed in a veneer of Christianity
    who have forgotten the meaning
    of compassion!”
    Thank you for giving voice to the frustrations so many of us share!

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  12. There’s some fire there! Love it! The hypocrisy at the WH and his cronies blows me away. One of these poems/rants might work for KGUA writers. Not this one considering they have prompts to follow, but the passion of your voice rings true and truer.

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  13. Trust me, I will NOT be messing with you, Goddess Molly! It was refreshing to hear a poem of anger for a change, instead of grief and yearning. I bet it was cathartic to write too!

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