Green Waves and Ham

On a recent Sunday, we strolled down the beach, admiring the pounding surf and the range of color in the breaking waves. My camera hung around my neck and every so often I snapped pictures of the water, birds, shapes in the sand, or whatever caught my eye. Kurt and I chatted or walked silently for long stretches. We laughed as the shorebirds dashed in and out from the surf, their little legs pumping. I was deliciously content.

Other walkers dotted the beach, many with canine companions. I’m not a huge dog fan, but even I have to admit that nothing says happiness like the exuberance of a dog running at the beach. It is sheer joy in action!

As we walked by one group of three dog walkers, we exchanged casual hellos. A man in the group looked pointedly at my camera and then struck a dramatic pose, clearly inviting me to take his picture.

“Well, maybe if you had a bird on your head…” I laughed. He laughed, too, and we continued on past.

A few moments later, “Hey!” I heard a voice call. I turned back to see the wannabe-photographed man.

“Did you say a turd on my head?” he asked.

Then, leashed dog in hand, he positioned a telltale bulging green bag on top of his head and struck a pose. 

What could I do?


10 thoughts on “Green Waves and Ham

  1. I’ve never seen such green in a crashing wave. Coffee table book quality. I hope we all don’t sh** on tonight like your dog walker, I am ever hopeful.

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  2. margaretsmn says:

    I like Dan’s reaction. That man really wanted you to take his picture. I prefer the birds. That’s just me.

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  3. Gail Aldous says:

    Some people are hams, always wanting their pic taken. The green and blue in your waves are spectacular! I also agree with Dan! I love watching birds when I’m on a beach, too. I’m happy that you were “deliciously content.” We all need to do that as much as we can.

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  4. haitiruth says:

    Haha! Ruth,

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  5. Fran Haley says:

    Stunning photo of the waves – so refreshing just to look at it and to read of such a spirited, fun encounter! The title is perfect.


  6. Amanda Potts says:

    I love the joy in this post. And there’s something quite funny about the man who wants to be photographed – kind of like the joyous exuberance of the dogs on the beach.

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