SOLC Day 24: Remote Learning Day 1

March 2021 SOLC–Day 24
A huge thank you to Two Writing Teachers for all that they do to create an amazing community of writers and a safe, welcoming space to write, learn, share and grow.

Early today I was getting ready for our first day of remote learning. My first hint that things might not go smoothly should have been when I couldn’t air drop a photo from my phone to my computer. At that time, I just figured it was a blip. Something to try again later. I found a different resource. Then, not long afterward, I couldn’t print using wifi. I started getting a little worried. What was going on? I hardwired into the printer and kept prepping. Next, I went to our curriculum site to print out a few resources and …you guessed it…the site wouldn’t come up. This was getting concerning. I kept adjusting my plans along the way, trying to get ready for the start of the day and feeling more than a bit anxious. The portents were ominous.

Finally, the big moment arrived along with all the students for morning meeting. Earlier, I’d sent them a morning message in our Google Classroom stream telling them how much I was looking forward to seeing their maskless faces (a silver lining of remote learning). One by one they came in. And I couldn’t see them. Once there were two or more kids in the room, everyone’s video stopped working and a little message about “network connectivity” popped up.

To clarify, the kids could all see each other but I could only occasionally see one of them. Most of the time, I was looking at a grid of still photos. Thankfully, I had another adult in the room who helped me muddle through. She literally had to act as my eyes as I led students through a flashdrafting lesson. “I’m seeing lots of thumbs up, Mrs. Hogan!” “They’re all busy writing, working hard!”

I finally figured out that if I pinned a student’s photo, their video would pop up. Sometimes. So I could one by one peek at what they were doing. While trying to teach. “Ok! Now you’re ready for the first reason paragraph!” Pin. Peek. Unpin. “Remember, when you add evidence, use a transition. For example, or another example, or one time when…” Pin. Peek. Unpin. It was surreal.

The whole day went this way. In between lessons I rebooted, called my internet provider, and wrote desperate e-mails to our tech support. Then I launched into the next lesson with no idea how my students were responding other than by having them talk or by the interpretive comments of my savior Ed. Tech. or by using my pinning technique. Oh, and we wore out the “hands up” icon!

So, wow! I’m still trying to wrap my head around this day. It was the craziest experience.

The adventure of Day 2 begins at 8:45 am sharp tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “SOLC Day 24: Remote Learning Day 1

  1. mgminer says:

    I admire the many ways you worked to troubleshoot the situation! I hope tomorrow goes more to your liking! Hats off to ALL teachers this year. Bless you!

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  2. kd0602 says:

    Yikes! That sounds frustrating. It’s hard enough without tech glitches. I wish you smooth sailing tomorrow! (At least it sounds like your students were onboard in spite of the tech issues.)


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    • mbhmaine says:

      The students were awesome but it was the oddest experience. I never realized quite how much I rely on seeing their faces and reading their body language to refine/revise what I’m doing and to energize me. Yikes! I’m hopeful we have working tech. solutions in place now.

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  3. It doesn’t sound very satisfying at all, I hope you can fix all those glitches soon!

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  4. Amanda Potts says:

    Sigh. We’ve been remote on and off since last March. It isn’t always this frustrating, but it sometimes is. I’ve learned that the kids are probably better at rolling with the punches than we are, so there’s that. I love that you found a creative solution and, hey, you got a slice out of it. On day 24, that’s a definite silver lining.

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    • mbhmaine says:

      Thanks, Amanda. We were remote last spring for three months, but it wasn’t synchronous learning. This is a whole different ball game. We’re supposed to be back at school on Tuesday. Fingers crossed!! PS I think I’d have skipped the slice if I’d had the choice! lol but it is a silver lining, for sure!


  5. I feel your pain like all classroom teachers must. Teaching is for the young! You go girl!


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