After the Diagnosis

After the Diagnosis

We reminisce.
Rest in silence.
At one point we marvel
at the unexpected
heaviness of water.
Dad tells me
it weighs
8.3 pounds per gallon,
or so he thinks.

Now I understand
this pressure in my chest–
the slow inevitable breach
beneath my reservoir
of tears.

©Molly Hogan

As I’ve alluded to in several posts lately, this has been a challenging spring–and for so many reasons. At school, ending the year teaching, reading and writing poetry has been a breath of fresh air. At home, writing poetry has allowed me to explore my emotions and simultaneously get a bit of distance from them.

I’m not sure it’s an exaggeration to say that this spring, poetry has saved me.

This week’s Poetry Friday Roundup is hosted by Carol at her blog, Carole’s Corner. She’s sharing poems by a wonderful new-to-her (and new-to-me) poet, Jeannette Encinias.

28 thoughts on “After the Diagnosis

  1. Janet F. says:

    I’m sorry about the diagnosis. I am glad poetry saved you. This poem says it all.

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    • mbhmaine says:

      Thanks, Janet. It’s funny because I think of poetry as bringing me in touch with my emotions in some ways, but it also gives me a bit of distance. Like a photographer with a camera I guess.


  2. Beth says:

    You captured this beautifully. How many pounds of tears have we shed in the past 2 months or so? Love you.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Molly, so sorry to hear how tough it’s been! Cheers to almost summer and hopefully even more time for writing.
    That poem really was powerful

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  4. carwilc says:

    So sorry you are going through such a hard time. I’m glad poetry is bringing some relief. Wishing you strength, and peace, and lots of people to love and hold you during this time!

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  5. Tabatha says:

    So glad poetry has been a grace for you. Your poem is beautiful and original. Sending love and hugs (and some virtual tissues).

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  6. margaretsmn says:

    Your revision of this poem is just right. It grips that moment tightly. Prayers continuing for your father.

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  7. Denise Krebs says:

    Oh, Molly, peace to you and yours during this difficult chapter. Yes, poetry can release and heal hurts.

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  8. lindabaie says:

    Bringing poetry into our lives feels like a good shift from our lives and seeing what poets share means so often we’re not alone. I’m sorry for these tough days, Molly, for you and all your family and friends. Hugs for you from afar. Your poem speaks loudly to me!

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  9. haitiruth says:

    I'm so sorry you're going through this! The "reservoir of tears" is a perfect phrase. Sending prayers.


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  10. Linda Mitchell says:

    Saved you and many more. Thank you for sharing this incredible tender, specific to you but universally felt poem. I hope some weight of life lifts for you soon.

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  11. This is so beautiful, Molly. Sending you hugs.

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  12. maryleehahn says:

    I was going to write, heartbreaking…but then I read again and I guess that’s exactly what the breach is beneath your “reservoir / of tears:” your heart breaking. Thank goodness for poetry to mend and heal us.

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  13. Elisabeth says:

    This is so lovely. The way you move from
    “the unexpected
    heaviness of water.”

    “this pressure in my chest–” and “reservoir of tears.”

    Wishing you strength and comfort in what you’re facing at the moment.

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  14. Hannah and i have your family and your dad in our hearts. How’s he doing today? And his daughter?

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