Trying to keep it light…

I’ve been out and about, enjoying what already feel like the waning days of summer. Here are a few recent small moments captured in photos and poems.

Turtle bathes in lily pad
under summer blues he
kicks his legs a little bit…
instant pond jacuzzi!

©Molly Hogan

a cluster of berries
plumped to picking size
beneath warm summer skies
conceals a big surprise!

©Molly Hogan

one cautious eye
takes in the world
ponders when
or whether
to venture forth

©Molly Hogan

16 thoughts on “Trying to keep it light…

  1. Janet F. says:

    Lovely little bites and photos, Molly. Really sweet poems. Yes to keeping it light right now. I love how you capture so much in these short poems!

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  2. jcareyreads says:

    So sweet, the world around us. You’re good at noticing and capturing.

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  3. Fran Haley says:

    I’ve a sense of idyllic summer ambling, reading your verse and absorbing the lushness of your photos. How I savor these waning days…

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  4. humbleswede says:

    The turtle seems so relaxed. I love the “instant pond jacuzzi” line. The cautious eye required a closer look for me. It was great how the poem made me pay more attention to the detail in the photo. Your eye is as sharp as his is cautious.

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  5. That cluster of berries looks so inviting, Molly!

    I loved reading your poems and viewing your photos. Enjoy these waning summer days.

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  6. Terje says:

    I enjoyed looking at the summer through your eyes and words.

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  7. More entries for you coffee table book of nature photography with poetry delight.

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  8. cmhutter says:

    The photos of lily pads and the turtle touched my nature lover’s heart. I like your light-hearted poems for all of your images.

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