PF: Jane Kenyon

I stumbled upon this poem recently, and I have come back to it again and again. Jane Kenyon sure knew how to say it.

In the Nursing Home
by Jane Kenyon

“She is like a horse grazing
a hill pasture that someone makes
smaller by coming every night
to pull the fences in and in.
She has stopped running wide loops,
stopped even the tight circles.”
click here for the rest of the poem.

The Poetry Friday Roundup is hosted this week by Carol Varsalona at her blog . She’s unveiling her most recent autumn gallery, an extravaganza of fall-inspired poetry and imagery. Be sure to stop by and check it out.

18 thoughts on “PF: Jane Kenyon

  1. Lainie Levin says:

    Just read the full poem. WOW. That’s going to stay with me for a while.

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  2. Laura Shovan says:

    Such a heartbreaking poem. There’s a Kenyon poem about her illness called “The Sick Wife” — for some reason, the image of the dry cleaning in that poem sticks with me.

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  3. maryleehahn says:

    Heartbreaking indeed. If this is the prayer you need right now, I’m praying it for you.

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  4. margaretsmn says:

    “Master, come. Master, come. Master come.”

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  5. Linda Mitchell says:

    Oh, geez…that was an unexpected little sob for me. Yes, she does know how to say it. Thanks, Molly.

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  6. Tabatha says:

    That is a perfect poem. So short, so perfect.

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  7. cvarsalona says:

    Molly, the poem is so touching. My uncle is in an assisted living home and will move to the memory care unit this month. It is sad but of course, we want what is best for him. Thanks for the time to pause. Happy Thanksgiving to you.

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  8. lindabaie says:

    I know that many of us have a connection to this poignant poem, Molly. She knows that life well. Thank you for sharing. I hope you will enjoy your Thanksgiving with family.

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  9. Quite an image! Wishing well to the whole fam.


  10. Jane never shied away from the hard imagery, shared in beautiful words. My MIL will be going into assisted living soon. Not quite a nursing home, thankfully, but still, we do see the pasture shrinking…


  11. haitiruth says:

    Thanks for sharing this. Ruth,


  12. katswhiskers says:

    Hugs, Molly. My heart is hurting with yours. xx


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