Fowl Play

At some point in the past few weeks, Heidi Mordhorst referenced Mary Amato’s poetry prompt videos for the 12 Days of Christmas. In search of playful writing waters, I decided to check them out. Each day Mary Amato posted a short video prompt highlighting a literary technique based on that day’s line of the famous holiday song. I didn’t manage to complete all of them, but here are two I especially enjoyed.

“Form: In Paris you spy three French hens doing something unusual… Write a 3-line haiku about the hens. “

Three French hens
with innate feathered flair
catwalk down Paris’s streets

©Molly Hogan

“Alliteration: Write a song about swans. Sneak in as many s-words as possible.”


Autumn winds are shifting
breathing winter’s sigh 
Swans are winging southward
with low and mournful cries

Silhouettes at sunrise
soaring through the sky
slicing clouds asunder
warning winter’s nigh

©Molly Hogan

*For what it’s worth, the tune for “sing a song of sixpence” was in my mind as I wrote this.

This week’s Poetry Friday Roundup is hosted by Jone MacCulloch at her blog.

20 thoughts on “Fowl Play

  1. jama says:

    Nice job! Great idea for prompts :).

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  2. bmagee10 says:

    Your Day 7 poem is ‘swan in a million’. 🙂

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  3. lindabaie says:

    It does help to have the rhythm of a song when writing, as you did so beautifully, Molly. What a beauty you wrote about those swans & the 3 French hens, down they strut! Happy Christmas to you & family!

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  4. Molly, I love the rhythm of “Swans.” Wonderful! Happy holidays!

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  5. Very nice responses to the prompts! Love all those esses, especially “slicing clouds asunder”

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  6. cvarsalona says:

    Three French Hens are strutting their “stuff” just like models is a great image, Molly. I like your creative spirit in these poems.

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  7. maryleehahn says:

    Catwalk — HA! And your swan poem reads like an instant classic. I tried a couple of Amato’s prompts, too. I appreciated how short her videos were.

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  8. Linda Mitchell says:

    Delightful word play! I love some playful poetry right now. I’ve been hunkered down working until yesterday. Finally, today I can take a breath and be with loved ones. I will play! Thanks, Molly.

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  9. margaretsmn says:

    My favorite is the swam poem, such a delightful rhyme and rhythm. And the image of swans soaring through the sky announcing winter’s nigh conjures an old picture book scene.

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  10. Love the light humor in your “Three French hens” haiku, I’m picturing them… Your second stanza in your alliteration poem is gorgeous,
    “slicing clouds asunder
    warning winter’s nigh”
    I like the bit of foreboding in there, thanks Molly!

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  11. heidimordhorst says:

    Oh how wonderful! I sang along…and I’m very glad you enjoyed Mary’s prompts. I’m watching carefully all the things she does to make a living as a writer!

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