Countdown to February Break

Somehow this year I’ve managed to misplace my sense of optimism. Once in a while I find it, but then it just slips through my fingers. Again and again. As I write this, I’m realizing that saying I’ve lost my optimism is actually a bit too passive. It’s more like it’s actively engaged in a never-ending game of Hide-and-Seek that I never chose to play. And I’m always “it”. Oh, no! Actually, I think it’s more like that horrible “Keep away” game and I’m the “Monkey in the Middle” and optimism is always sailing just out of reach, over my head. It’s tantalizingly in sight, but I can’t ever get my hands on it. I jump around in uncoordinated leaps trying to do so. Exhausting myself. Until I just give up.

I always hated that “game.”

At any rate, I will keep looking or reaching for the catch, but in the meantime, I’m just looking ahead to the next break.

Countdown to February Break

I can make it
Can I make it?

©Molly Hogan

20 thoughts on “Countdown to February Break

  1. Fran Haley says:

    Molly, I am thinking this is not so much a Ioss of your usual optimism as tremendous ebb in energy. I’ve been feeling it lately – it is more than the January-February crossing-the-desert stretch. I see it in my colleagues. The break is desperately needed! The analogy of being caught in a hateful game jumping and grasping for elusive optimism — so powerful. One day, though, it will settle back on on you like a familiar blanket. Maybe during that break…here’s to it getting here SOON (I am counting the days myself!).

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  2. Four more days … four more days … That’s my mantra today, too.

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  3. jcareyreads says:

    Perfect analogies. I feel that way too. Four more days. You’ve got this.

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  4. I hope your break gives you what you need. It’s hard. Keep reaching for that optimism. It’s there….I know it is…

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  5. humbleswede says:

    I will be thinking about keep away or monkey in the middle as I muddle through the week. I feel that way when I read the news, both local and national. We’re chasing it, but it’s not even certain that the ball is real. Yikes. Perhaps we need both vacation and spring, something to bring us together in optimism. Your slice expresses this beautifully.

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  6. margaretsmn says:

    I’ll take your 4 days and raise you a week. We don’t get a break until Mardi Gras, but who’s counting? I prescribe a week of going to the beach to take pictures. Soothe your soul. Take care of you!

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  7. vivian chen says:

    So relatable! I’ve got a ways to go though…April. Enjoy your break once it arrives.

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  8. amyilene says:

    We are all crawling through these (temporary) finish lines….just getting to a place where we can recharge and rest before heading back onto the field. My sports analogies are all mixed up!

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  9. Oh, Molly! This is so relatable. Everyone is exhausted and just needs to recharge.
    By the time you see this comment, know that you have THREE more days to go!

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  10. One day and counting! You are almost there. Our Molly and their sons, Owen and Max, are ready for a break, too. Fortunately for us they are flying to California on Saturday!


  11. heidimordhorst says:

    There are those who would identify that inability to catch and hold on to optimism as depression. I hope your Feb break brings that ball within reach. If not, there are always drugs…and hugs from me to you.


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