March SOLC Day 2: Is it time to hit the road?

March 2022 SOLC–Day 2
A huge thank you to Two Writing Teachers for all that they do to create an amazing community of writers and a safe, welcoming space to write, learn, share and grow.

I don’t recall how old we were, but I distinctly remember my best friend and I vowing to drive semi-trucks when we grew up. These were the once-upon-a-long-time-ago days of CB radios and miles-long truck convoys barreling down the highways. Otherwise known as the 1970s. There were songs, movies and an alluring whiff of outlaw adventure. We bought right into the mystique, and were ready to put the hammer down and head out in search of highway adventures.

Having our priorities firmly in place (along with our pink and green ribbon hairbands), we spent hours considering possible handles*. We finally settled on the “Diesel Darlin’s”. Cute, right? Clearly, we’d be on the road as a team (I mean that went without saying–BFF and all!) and clearly we were also drawn to alliteration. Trucker Poet Prodigies!

For some reason on Monday morning as I headed back to the classroom after break, my thoughts turned back to that semi dream. Besides the gold-plated appeal of a CB handle, why had I even entertained the thought of driving a semi? My family would not have been supportive of that career choice. Had I been nurturing a small flame of rebellion? Had I been keen for some adventure outside my safe suburban childhood? And then how did I go from that initial career choice to teaching? What were some of the twists and turns along the way? Also, how hard is it to get a trucking license? Hmmmm…

Walking into school, I had to smile. I certainly had come a long way from that dream and a long way away from that younger version of me, but it was entertaining to revisit both.

If you choose to listen, below is the link to the famous-at-the-time song, Convoy, and the trailer of the similarly-named movie. I didn’t count how many times I listened to it while writing this, but I guess there must still be a whiff of allure to that renegade trucker life. And let’s face it, gas prices aside, getting out of the classroom and hitting the open road doesn’t sound too bad these days.

Now to figure out a new handle*…

(Truckin’ Teacher? Semi-Retired? ha ha ha….Oh, I’m going to have fun thinking about this!)

*CB nickname

10 thoughts on “March SOLC Day 2: Is it time to hit the road?

  1. Terje says:

    It was interesting to read about your childhood dream. My aunt was a truck driver (the truck much smaller than in the video you shared) in Estonia about forty years ago.

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  2. amyilene says:

    There is something super intriguing about life on the open road. I am smart enough to know that the reality would never live up to the mythology, but it is definitely something that holds my imagination.

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  3. Love this and thank you for the nudge down memory lane! I wanted to be a Charlie’s Angel when I grew up. My friends and I spent countless hours playing Charlie’s Angels when we were kids! Good times spent outside!

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  4. Teachers and eighteen wheelers! While teaching 7th and 8th graders at the Frisbee Middle School in Kittery, Maine, I would regularly go to Howell’s Truckstop on the Route One Bypass in Kittery for coffee and home fries smothered in barbecue sauce before the school day. Looking out the window, I saw the truckers and thought, many times, how I’d like the lack of responsibility of just tooling down the highway with the radio as my companion. I never took that flight of fancy, but the responsibility of being in charge of 20 some middle schoolers made me think about it often. Diesel Dan

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  5. Leigh Anne Eck says:

    This is so entertaining! Diesel Darlin’s! I love it. I really like the Semi-retired!

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