SOLC Day 26: Replete

March 2022 SOLC–Day 26
A huge thank you to Two Writing Teachers for all that they do to create an amazing community of writers and a safe, welcoming space to write, learn, share and grow.

Today, as I often do on the weekends, I was out and about early to watch the sunrise. It wasn’t an especially dramatic sunrise, but there was a quiet beauty to the shifting light, the lingering moon, and the silhouetted tree branches.

Along the waterways, the skies were filled with birds. I took picture after picture of geese and ducks and eagles on the move.

After visiting the bay and my go-to local river, I drove a few minutes further up the road to the Abagadasett River. The light was stunning and in the distance a slight mist rose off the water. I pulled over and got out of my car.

Birds were everywhere. Common mergansers swam, dove, took flight. Red-winged blackbirds called from the trees and a sparrow sang its heart out over and over again. I watched three bald eagles fly one after another up the river. Every time I tried to leave, something pulled me back.

You have time. There’s no hurry. Just relax.

So I stayed.

Watched. Listened. Took pictures.

I let the minutes flow by like the river.

You have time. There’s no hurry. Just relax.

Finally, feeling deeply grateful and content, I got back into my car to head home. I pulled off the shoulder and back onto the road. From nowhere, the word “replete” suddenly filled my mind.

Yes, that’s it, I thought

I am replete.

13 thoughts on “SOLC Day 26: Replete

  1. maryleehahn says:

    And now we are, too. Thanks.

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  2. Indeed, as Mary Lee said. That’s not a word I use often, but it is perfect for this Slice, your words, the images, and your morning. So lovely to experience it with you, Molly. Blessed are we.

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  3. kd0602 says:

    I’m thrilled that you took the time to get your fill, no rushing allowed! Saturdays are made for that. I love all your photos.

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    • mbhmaine says:

      Saturdays are such a gift. I write long to -do lists and then generally ignore most of the items on them all day long. There’s something deeply satisfying about that…until Sunday arrives.


  4. cvarsalona says:

    Molly, this slice is full of wonder, beautiful prose, and short poems-all a treat for me. Replete is a wonderful word to end a morning of peace.

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  5. Do I ever have another retirement project for you! You know our buddy Hal Borland and his daily nature observations. Well, you can go a step further by using today’s narrative with your brilliant images to have year own daily guide to MAINE’s natural wonders. No need to thank me for all my good ideas that mean you’ll do all the work.

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  6. Amanda Potts says:

    Did you hear the On Being podcast this week with ornithologist Dr. Drew Lanham? It made me think of you!

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