PF: Why?

I’ve barely participated in Poetry Friday over the past few months, but happily I happened to stumble upon Amy Ludwig VanDerwater’s recent post, “Answer an Unasked Question“. I was utterly enchanted by her poem called “Answer”, a whimsical imagining of taking tea with the moon. Amy invited readers to “Think of something someone might wonder, real or pretend…and then write a poem answering this question.” I passed her invitation along to the Inklings for our monthly challenge.

Here’s my response to that challenge, along with a big nod of thanks to Mary Lee for sharing the mentor poem “Because of a Redwood” (which heavily influenced my poem’s structure) and to Joe Cottonwood for writing it. I also think a bit of influence seeped in from a little book I found long ago called “The Tiniest Sound” by Mel Evans.


Because when I step outside
and close my eyes
I can hear the sun 
rising above the horizon
inch by slow inch,
probing its warm, gentle rays
into piles of fallen leaves

Because there’s the faintest rustle
as frost loosens its grip
from limned leaves
of maple, aspen or oak,
shifts from glitter to flow,
then lets go
to drip
onto crisply tousled grass
then slowly seep into waiting earth
where drowsy roots shift and murmur
in greeting and gratitude

Because I can feel the air
tremble and hum
in anticipation of the coming day
in all its fragile vulnerable wonderful newness

And because every single day
the birds waken, eager to sing
first a note or two
then a burgeoning chorus
that pierces the morning hush
like a beam of light striking a crystal,
splintering silence 
into a dazzling crescendo
of glorious, vibrant waves
that wash over me
again and again
So that anything
and everything
seems possible

©Molly Hogan, draft

If you’d like to read what the other Inklings did with this challenge, click on the links:

Linda Mitchell
Margaret Simon
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and be sure to visit Catherine Flynn who is hosting Poetry Friday today and will also be sharing her response.

25 thoughts on “PF: Why?

  1. maryleehahn says:

    THIS is the text for your photo-illustrated PB manuscript! Breathtakingly beautiful!

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  2. margaretsmn says:


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  3. Patty McLaughlin says:

    Molly, perfect poem for me to read as I head out for work this morning!

    Sent from my iPad


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  4. Glad to have you back in the saddle. And yes, everything is possible. It certainly helps if one has enough sleep and time to chill.

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  5. Gorgeous, Molly! I want to sink into that same spot and listen for a day to awaken.

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  6. katswhiskers says:

    Such a glorious photo, Molly. I knew it was you, from that linky teaser alone. I too have been missing from (and missing!) Poetry Friday. And yours is a face I am so happy to see again.😻 I love the build and flow of your final verse. (Even while I am lamenting the repetitive; clunk … flutter … clunk … of a dive-bombing bird, here!) I’ll take your;
    “burgeoning chorus
    that pierces the morning hush
    like a beam of light striking a crystal,
    splintering silence
    into a dazzling crescendo
    of glorious, vibrant waves” any day! 🎶🦜

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    • mbhmaine says:

      Thanks, Kat! I really debated about adding a photo since my poem emphasizes other senses and began with me closing my eyes. Still, I couldn’t resist–like I peeked from between my lashes! So lovely to see you here and I’m now off to read your post to see if I can learn more about this dive-bombing bird! lol


  7. lindabaie says:

    I’m echoing Kat. I knew it was you, too, Molly, and after reading the answer, hmmm, I believe I know the question, too. How else could there be someone in PF that shares “the faintest rustle” or hear “the air tremble and hum”? Beautiful accompanying photo, too.

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  8. To be still and to soak in all that surrounds you is a simple treasure and our lives are enriched when such moments are taken, Molly. Your poem is indicative of your capacity to not only quarrantine such precious experiences but also to wrap them in words that further illuminate that short, yet marvellous moment.

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  9. Linda Mitchell says:

    sound of the sun, trembling air. This photograph illustrates the poem and the poem illustrates the photograph. You are a superwoman poet, Molly. I’m so glad to know you.

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  10. heidimordhorst says:

    I feel like what maybe others feels when theyve participated in an hour-long yoga class with meditation.
    “shifts from glitter to flow,
    then lets go”–a little mantra suitable for the likes of us who work hard at glittering. Thanks for this poem and for the challenge, Molly.

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  11. So stunning. And your photography adds. I am awaiting your book.


  12. Thanks Molly for brining me into all these inspiring nature images, I really like your 2nd stanza and the,
    “onto crisply tousled grass,” and
    “So that anything
    and everything
    seems possible”
    Beautiful pic too!

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  13. Your poem is gorgeous, Molly. I especially love the second stanza. “From glitter to flow,” from “drip to drop,” then the roots that “shift and murmur” in “greeting and gratitude.” I’m grateful to you for this stunning poem.

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