A Trick of the Light

The morning sun spills in through aged glass to pebble the wall, highlighting the dust that’s gathered on the side table. It lingers on the lopsided ceramic dish, crafted long ago by little fingers.

Yesterday’s gift, today’s time capsule.

The light flows over an old roll of film rescued from some forgotten corner, placed there on the table where temporary spun into long-lasting. It, too, no doubt, wears a fine mantle of dust. What memories rustle within?

The light quivers, casting an aquatic feel over the scene. Submerging items. In light. In dust. In time.

Today perhaps I’ll wipe off the table, put a few candies in the empty dish. Perhaps I’ll even research where I can send film for developing.

Or maybe I’ll just let the memories lie still, and sit and watch the light play across the wall, flickering like an old movie reel.

18 thoughts on “A Trick of the Light

  1. gailaldousmsncom says:

    Molly, this is beautiful; it has moved me and resonated with me. I love how you’ve included the sunlight with great verbs, spills, pebble, highlighted, lingering, quivers, submerging, all the way through. This one is my favorite “watch the light play across the wall, flickering like an old movie reel.” I also love how you used the following “aged glass”, “long ago by little fingers”, “aquatic feel”, “In time.” and “research where I can send film”, and “old movie reel” to give the sense of time in the past end. This is my favorite line for the old time feel “Yesterday’s gift, today’s time capsule.” I have our children’s ceramics and other gifts scattered around the house, also. You have given me a reason to not feel guilty over dust collecting. Thank you for sharing and for your inspiration.

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  2. maryleehahn says:

    Beautiful writing! So evocative.

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  3. Denise Krebs says:

    Molly, your beautiful prose is poetic. Why does that not surprise me? I love “The light quivers, casting an aquatic feel over the scene.” It put an image in my head right away, as I have seen the way the light does dances like that, and aquatic is the perfect descriptor. I also like the idea of letting “the memories lie still” and just enjoying them. By the way, how fun will that be to see what is in that roll of film?

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  4. Beautiful! I agree – it is a prose poem! I can see it and feel it bringing a sense of calm and peace.

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  5. amyilene says:

    Every word in this slice is stunning. You brought me right in and had me thinking, contemplatively, about the play of light and thoughts as I moved through the words. Thank you for this gift today.

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  6. Two objects- the hand-formed dish and the un-developed roll of film, in the dust and the sunlight- this is like a Japanese scroll or some meditative art. They are so evocative yet open to our interpretation.

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  7. margaretsmn says:

    Even your prose is poetry. I love the tone of this, so relaxed and peaceful.

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  8. I’ve been searching for words to capture moon dust floating on beams that spill into rooms. Your words resonate.

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