SOLC Day 2: A Moment in Second Grade

March 2023 SOLC–Day 2
A huge thank you to Two Writing Teachers for all that they do to create an amazing community of writers and a safe, welcoming space to write, learn, share and grow.

We were gathered at the rug in the midst of a discussion about types of fiction: specifically, realistic fiction, fantasy, and fables. (Oh, my.) We were looking at a couple of books and trying to decide which category they fit into. Some of them were a bit tricky. At this particular moment we were focused on fantasy.

T raised his hand, “Well, if a book has talking animals, it would be fantasy. Because in the real world animals don’t talk.”

Several students nodded in agreement or signaled that they had had the same thought.

“What about Mercy Watson?” V asked. “She doesn’t talk, but she sleeps in a bed and dreams of toast.”

“Is Fly Guy fantasy or realistic fiction?” M piped up. “He mostly just says ‘Buzzz’.”

S’s hand popped up, waving wildly, and he simultaneously blurted, “Well, some animals talk. Parrots talk.”

“Well, that’s true, ” I began, but S kept right on going. He was clearly determined to prove his point.

“Parrots do talk,” he repeated.

Lowering his hand, he tapped X, who was sitting next to him, on the shoulder.

“Do you want to be a parrot?” S asked him with great enthusiasm.

X, who clearly had not been followed the conversation, jerked to a more alert state and peered at S.

“Huh?” He looked like a confused chick with his sleepy eyes and tousled downy hair.

“Do you want to be a parrot?” S repeated.

“Oh, OK,” X answered promptly. (He clearly had no idea what was going on, but was game.)

“OK,” said S He prepared himself, shifting on the rug, sitting up straighter and looking straight at X.

“Hello,” he said clearly in his best parrot voice (which sounded uncannily like his regular voice).

“Hello,” replied X in a similar fashion.

“See,” declared S triumphantly, looking around at the class with a satisfied grin.

And he rested his case.

15 thoughts on “SOLC Day 2: A Moment in Second Grade

  1. Oh kids! Love these glimpses into how their minds work.

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  2. amyilene says:

    Your slice had me laugh out loud!! As a middle school teacher of the biggest (8th graders), I have no idea what the reality of a second grade classroom could possibly be. When I read your incredibly well crafted slice and sat down on the rug amidst these lovely little beings, I was right there and it couldn’t have been more delightful. Thank you for this great start to my day!!

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  3. You brilliantly captured the dialogue. As your reader, I am RIGHT THERE on the rug! Thanks for letting me be a fly on the wall and enjoy a chuckle this morning.

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  4. cindaroo42 says:

    Ha! I felt like I was there on the carpet with your students! You can’t beat that student’s response who was not listening, but still game for anything. “with a look of a confused chick with tousled hair!”
    What a loyal friend!

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  5. Don’t you love the way children look at the world? It keeps us young and hopeful!

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  6. Leah Koch says:

    The dialogue you share is hilarious. And, as a former second grade teacher, this made me nostalgic for Mercy Watson!


  7. Debbie Lynn says:

    Oh my, this gave me a huge laugh! Thanks for sharing this classroom moment!

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  8. margaretsmn says:

    I’m laughing and thinking you could probably write all your slices from a moment in your class. You sure have me thinking about the discussions we have. The joy of teaching the little ones!


  9. dmsherriff says:

    Love slices right from the mouths of children. Their perspectives are simply the best and can certainly make us think (and write) if listen well, as you did, here! Thanks for listening and sharing here!


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